• Photo Journalism competition • 33% participation target set

While the recent Photo Journalism competition was a great night, it was unfortunate that only 18 members from a possible 69 (26%) joined in. This has prompted club President, Chris Schultz to call for all of us to take a more active part and has set us a participation rate target of 33% as a starting point. While we had 77 photos to show, 50% of these came from just 5 members. Without these members it would have been a relatively poor showing and an early night.

With the style of judging consistently provided in a positive mode, we all have every reason to put photos up. There is much to be learned, even if we don’t always agree with the score or comments. When it’s your photo being critiqued you most definitely take greater notice of what is being said and this can only lead to improvements in your photography.  From my own experience I’ve found everyone to be extremely positive, supportive and encouraging even when I’ve put up photos that I would now look at and cringe…..that’s learning. So let’s make this 33% target a reality.

With that said and my fingers crossed that you will all participate (just one image will do) let’s have a look at the successful night the Photo Journalism competition was.  We have plenty of enthusiastic support from members attending and this night was no exception.

We were privileged to have as our Judge David Smith of the Eastern Suburbs Photographic Club. David is a highly qualified photographer and provides a well-balanced and considered approach to his judging and always has plenty of positive suggestions. I really enjoyed that he verbalises his thinking as he assesses each image. This is valuable for everyone and as mentioned earlier, particularly for the photographer.

At the top end ten images were given a full score, a further fourteen scored nine and fifteen scored eight. That’s an impressive 56% scoring highly and reflects well on the skills of the club.

In the Photo Journalism categories there were a total of 6 images that scored 10/10.

Sam Savage showed us with an excellent mono image what it looks like to live on the streets in Spain and provided us with a view of a somewhat darker side of life.

Sam Savage - Home Street Home

Sam Savage – Home Street Home

Helen Fletcher provided a stunning  and colourful portrait within a street scene in Vietnam, entitled ‘Bac-Ha Woman’.

Mark Pedlar’s ‘Graduation’ image was one of strong colour contrast set in a mood of graduate celebration.

James Allan’s ‘Is It True’ captured beautifully the Anzac Centenary Memorial Walk as an ex-serviceman gently touches it to ensure it is indeed true

A bright red Ford Thunderbird, photographed by Ashley Hoff, shone brightly in the early evening light as a part of the Tanunda Cruise (hot rod) event.

The final full points photo of the category was from Alberto Giurelli, entitled ‘International Horse Trials’ and portrayed a horse receiving some close veterinary  attention.

In the Open Categories the winners started with Theo Prucha’s beautiful image ‘Abandoned Farmhouse’ in the Album Prints Category. This was followed by James Allan’s ‘Corella’s Play’ in the Colour Prints and Alberto Giurelli’s stunning mono image ‘The Violinist’. Finally Ashley Hoff presented ‘The Bass Player’ in the Projected Image section.

Of course credit goes to everyone who put their excellent photos up on the night; every one of them would have gained some benefit from doing so.

Our next competition is entitled ‘Worms Eye View’ on Thursday July 15, but before then we have an excursion on Sunday July 3 at the Botanical Gardens where the goal will be to capture images for this upcoming competition.

Finally, let’s all aim to put at least one image in and make sure we hit the 33% participation target or better.

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