🎅 Christmas edition 🎅 (number 11 if your counting) (21-Dec-2015)

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Now it wouldn’t be an El Presidente musing without a few on-line reads, so here are some that I found for your (and my) amusement……part of my studies to improve my street photography (Henri Cartier-Bresson fans need have no fear of me)
If you want some hints on how to improve or extend your images in other areas, try these:
Oh – and for those that used to like to read Luminous Landscapes – it is no longer free. They’ve gone to an online subscription model. The content is still there, but given the range of content elsewhere, I wonder if they will be sustainable. Time will tell.
Speaking of content, my favourite print magazine – c’t Digital Photography (it had in-depth content that shamed the majority of magazines and newspapers – most articles were 20-30 pages of pure, clean, well researched information) – has stopped publication. To paraphrase Yoda – devasted I am. It’s sad to see that high quality journalism and publications are disappearing – often replaced with superficial, trivial publications better suited to wrapping kitchen scraps. However, as part of their closure, c’t Digital Photography subscribers (like myself who have received an invitation) have been compensated with a range of high quality books which we may download/purchase from Rocky Nook – the publisher. I trawled their collection and found some great books (both printed and ePub) that I’ll be adding to my reading material. There are plenty of reviews of the books on Amazon to help out should you want to see what is out there.
Finally, on behalf of the committee and myself, we wish you a wonderful, safe, joyful Christmas and New Year. Thanks for being part of the club and we look forward to seeing you in 2016 and beyond.

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