The 31st BPC Annual Exhibition – 20-Nov-2014

Hasn’t the year flown by? Here we are about to finish up and another BPC Annual Exhibition has been run.

It’s been a busy year, with competitions, critique, some memorable workshops, outings and a new calendar. Full credit to all those who get stuck in and make every evening happen – the folk who set up chairs, the tables, the screen, the supper, the print stands – and then tidy it all up afterwards. Without your involvement it wouldn’t happen every fortnight and maximise our enjoyment.

So on to the Annual Exhibition. Like last year, we took the judging out of the meeting programme, collated the numbers and presented the results. Our thanks to our 3 panel judges – Joy Lee-Archer, Gary Secombe and John Williamson who carefully and efficiently scored our best images. Our thanks also to Jenny & Mark Pedlar for hosting the judging (and a great supper to go with it). Mark Pedlar then organised the certificates (again – thanks Mark) and a programme whilst Julie Goulter had trophies engraved.

On the actual awards night, we had an excellent turnout (I counted 43), with judges Gary Secombe and John Williamson in attendance along with several guests (like an ex-President, a few former club members and a partner or two) and many members filling the room comfortably. John Williamson liked us so much he joined our merry band as a member. Welcome!

President Ashley Hoff and Secretary Julie Goulter officiated to hand out the awards – Ashley getting RSI from signing all the award certificates and spots in his vision from the flash :)

So – who won what (you can peek at the winning images on the Top Digital and Top Prints page)? Starting with the aggregates for the year, our trophy winners were:

JV Spick Chemist Award for Album Prints


James Allan

2nd Gloria Brumfield 126
3rd Heather Connolly 117

 Blackwood Photographic Club Award for Colour Prints


Helen Whitford

2nd Jo Tabe 174
3rd James Allan 167

 Blackwood Times Award for Mono Prints


Jo Tabe

2nd James Allan 137
3rd Alberto Giurelli 103

 Photographic Wholesalers Award for Projected Images


Chris Schultz

2nd James Allan 156
3rd Ashley Hoff 135

Congratulations to everyone who participated – and challenged each of us to try that little harder over the year.

The Annual Exhibition itself had some inspiring images to stimulate us. The full selection of digital images are presented below – click on any one to go into the slide show for a full size view.

And now for the Annual Exhibition Award winners – drum roll please………

Edge Malpas Award for Album Prints


James Allan

Bee Eater

1st: James Allan - Bee Eater

1st:  James Allan – Bee Eater

2nd Helen Whitford Parrot Fashion
3rd Jo Tabe Strike a Pose
Merit Helen Whitford Fun with Pebbles

Mal Klopp Award for Colour Prints


Helen Whitford


1st: Helen Whitford - Longing

1st: Helen Whitford – Longing

2nd Jo Tabe A Quick Snack
3rd Jo Tabe Left to the Weather
Merit Jo Tabe Mixed Emotions

I’ve Been Framed Award for Monochrome Prints


Jo Tabe

The Opening

1st_Jo Tabe_The Opening

1st: Jo Tabe – The Opening

2nd Jo Tabe Standing Proud 2
3rd Helen Whitford Going for It
Merit Helen Whitford Let’s Stick Together

Hutt Street Photos Award for Projected Images


Ashley Hoff

Mother and Child

1st_Ashley Hoff_Mother and Child

1st: Ashley Hoff – Mother and Child

2nd Jo Tabe River Contrasts
3rd Ashley Hoff Not the Messiah
Merit Kerry Malec Pacific Coast Iris

WEA Australian Landscape Trophy

Jo Tabe

River Contrasts Jo Tabe - River Contrasts (2nd & WEA)

This time, even though the awards were dominated by those with a J or H as their first initial, other letters of the alphabet made an appearance! Well done to K, G and A for getting in the mix.
I’ve created a summary of the final scores from the big spreadsheet that you can download for those that like numbers. For those who prefer it, we also have Mark’s official BPC Annual Catalogue.

So what of that other award – the Bill Templar Award for services to the club over the last 12 months? It came down to a secret ballot vote between two people – Julie Goulter and Chris Schultz and was awarded to…….. Chris Schultz…. Hey! That’s me :) . I’m pretty humbled by that and appreciate your support. Thank you all.

Finally, after all the awards, celebration of our work and sharing in the fun, the evening finished with a supper of assorted goodies, viewing of the all the images,  a lot of chat and supplemented again by Ron’s pizza!

Here’s a few photos of the award winners to finish (and yes – some faces just keep coming back :D )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks again to our sponsors and everyone for taking part.

Next year promises to be interesting again with a new Novice only competition, some changes to the Peer Review nights and more interesting speakers.

Oh – and while you’re waiting for 2015 – anyone interested in the 31 Day Challenge for December? It’ll be on again – just post your images with the day number in the Flickr group.

Roll on 2015!

Chris :)

Camera Clips – New Format

I have been developing a new vehicle for Camera clips.

In the past all of our editions of Camera Clips were e-mailed to members as a pdf file.  As the editions became more complex, the size increased and it was not possible to get the pdf files down to a manageable size.  They might have resulted in slow downloads.  In the last 12 months they have disappeared from the club web site altogether.  This is because we have a 1Mb limit on the files that we can upload to this site.

With encouragement from Chris I have decided to come up to date and publish the newsletter in a web format.  Sometimes this is referred to as a blog.  You could say, getting up with the times.   I will convert the newsletters from the last 12 months to html format and they can now be accessed from the Camera clips page (as previously).  I have just converted the last 3 editions of the newsletter, October, August and June.

I must warn you that the appearance is slightly different.  I still have a banner for each edition, with a short editorial write up followed by several short articles.  However there are several web pages to each newsletter and you will have to click on the links to move from page to page. Try clicking on different things until you get the hang of it.

Go to the Camera Clips page to access the newsletters, alternatively the new html format camera clips articles can be perused at the following address:

I am quite excited and think the newsletter looks good in its new guise.  I hope and trust that the new format works well for you.  If it doesn’t, please let me know.  If it fails I trust that you can forgive my failings as I am only new at this game.


On the Move in October!

James Allan_Flying in the Face of Gravity_Set

James Allan_Flying in the Face of Gravity_Set

“Subject in Motion” was the set subject for our October competition.  We saw a good variety of moving objects and styles of capturing them. Judge, John Hodgson, gave fair, considered appraisal, making the point again that it was just HIS opinion, and the same image may be received very differently by a different judge.  This came home to me when I was most pleased by his comments on one of my lowest scoring images because he ‘got’ was I was trying to do.  I’d entered the same image with a previous judge, who completely misinterpreted what I thought I was saying.  I think they gave me the same score, but I was just happy that, in this instance, John ‘”got it”!

It was great to see Les Ludgate enter, and take a top score for “Catch me if You Can!” Hopefully we’ll see more from you Les!

Les Ludgate_Catch me if you Can_Set

Les Ludgate_Catch me if you Can_Set

For more Top Scoring images, and a few Editors Choices, please visit our Top Scoring Prints and Top Scoring Projected Images pages.

Can’t wait to see your best work in our Annual Exhibition!



September Competition – Landscape

James Allan_Twin Falls_Landscape

James Allan_Twin Falls_Landscape

September 25th saw us trial  a new method of entering prints for competition, with titles sent online prior to competition night.  With entrants able to simply walk in and hang their prints on the wall we saved time and freed up half a dozen people, who would previously have been madly recording names and titles and hanging prints, to socialise,  relax and enjoy the night.  We were very happy with the new system which looks set to make life much easier!

Derek Rogers was our judge and he provided helpful critique of each image – told us what he saw as the good and the poor aspects and gave suggestions for improvement.  The general consensus was that he’d been fair, encouraging and quite positive but, as always seems to be the case (because judges are human and photographers are human), some scores were a little surprising and sometimes the judge just doesn’t ‘get’ what the photographer thought the image was about!  Ah, the joys of competition! Overall though, thank you Derek for a great job!

It was great to see one of our newer members doing well in this and recent competitions – congratulations to Gloria Brumfield on having some of the top scoring images!  Looks like those SAPF classes are paying off!   (You’ll probably tell me those photos were taken before you did the classes, huh?)

To see some of the top images from the night go to Top Scoring Prints and Top Scoring Projected Images.

There is just one more regular competition to come, followed by the Annual Exhibition.  If you’ve been quietly watching from the sidelines, perhaps now is the time to dip your toe in the water and join the competition!



The BPC 2015 Calendar has landed!

Yes! Another BPC Calendar has rolled off the presses.

We have trawled the images of our talented club members again and managed to snare the work of 39 different photographers. You may have seen some on the club Flickr group or at a competition or an exhibition or even on these pages – but they are all high quality images that will provide viewing pleasure and maybe inspire you.

This time the calendar editor role has passed to……! I’ve been given the task of producing the calendar for 2015 and tried to fill it with mainly local images, but now with a couple of twists. This time you get a glossy cover, a different layout, and each page has a theme (see if you can guess it). We’ve also worked with the printers to reduce page curl for a better product you’ll be pleased to share or give.

Now here’s a thought – Christmas is only 4 months away! So let this little beauty soar to remote locations, give it to your Aunt Mabel or Uncle Bob, surprise your neighbor with a copy over a cuppa, present one to your boss or favourite co-worker or even hang one on the wall in your home or office.

Here’s a YouTube video showing you each page:

The price remains the same –  $15.  Tough bag postage/packaging mail delivery is extra. You can obtain a copy from any club member, email us, or write to the club via snailmail (yes, we do have a postal address). We accept cash, cheques & money orders (payable to Blackwood Photographic Club of SA) and Electronic Funds Transfer (details available upon request) as payment for this great calendar.

Chris :)



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