A night of positive Judging – 28-Jan-2016

Our first competition for the year on Thursday January 28 was a great starter for what promises to be a busy and stimulating 2016.

Rigging - James Allan

Rigging – James Allan

The subject for the night was ‘Leading Lines’, which is a composition technique where the viewer’s eye is led into the image. Our judge was David Rowlands from Edwardstown Photography Club and what an encouraging and uplifting judge he was. With a significant number (115) of impressive images to work through he did so with a burst of positive and constructive feedback for every one of them. His comments were well considered, informed, concise and articulate.

Regardless of how your photograph scored you felt like you’d both learned something positive from the commentary and you were left inspired to reach greater heights.

With our constantly growing club the evening was well attended (about 45) by a welcoming and appreciative audience all very keen to learn.

First time entrant, Di Gage presented us with two inspiring images, one of a very beautiful soft Victoria River sunset and another of a fishing boat and its perfect reflection complete with bird resting obediently on a rope. A perfect start with one image scoring full marks. Another relatively new entrant, Robyn Due, was justifiably excited to score a 9 for her Port Adelaide excursion image, entitled ‘Pot’ a well spotted image of paving, posts and buildings providing interesting leading lines.

Pot - Robyn Due

Pot – Robyn Due

Some of the excellence of our seasoned performers was on display with the likes of Alberto Giurelli, Helen Whitford, Jenny Pedlar, Ursula Prucha, James Allan and Chris Schultz

Mark Pedlar’s image (below) entitled Cornwall’s Motto captured, for those who weren’t there, the area in which the recent Port Adelaide excursion took place and plenty of Leading Lines. A quite stunning shot.

Mark Pedlar - Cornwall's Motto

Mark Pedlar – Cornwall’s Motto

The following are more of the high scoring ‘Leading Lines’ images from the night.

Kelp - Heather Connolly

Kelp – Heather Connolly

Port River Dolphin - James Allan

Port River Dolphin – James Allan

Nestled Farmhouse - Judy Sara

Nestled Farmhouse – Judy Sara

Blue Moth on Sunflower - Ursula Prucha

Blue Moth on Sunflower – Ursula Prucha

Nation Ridge

Nation Ridge – Chris Schultz

Fishing - Jenny Pedlar

Fishing – Jenny Pedlar

Arches of Light - Bruce Nankivell

Arches of Light – Bruce Nankivell

Follow the Leader - Helen Whitford

Follow the Leader – Helen Whitford

To see more great ‘Leading Lines’ images visit the ‘Top Projected Images‘ and ‘Top Prints‘ pages.

It seems to me that photography is one of those games where just when you think you’ve nailed some small part of it you are instantly reminded via someone else’s display of skill that you really haven’t and there is a long way to go. I’m convinced it is a never ending story of learning and I guess that’s why we all love it.

Makes you wonder what kind of fabulous circles we can create with our next competition, entitled ‘Circles’, of course.

Bruce Nankivell

Dawn at Port Adelaide


We have a write up and some images from the Port Adelaide Excursion.  It was agreat morning shoot.

If you have more to add, please send the text or pictures to me.  ( I want to capture as many different members as possible.  Have a look at the collection thus far.

Dawn at Port Adelaide – Excursion


31 Day Challenge


Further to Chris’s post below, Jen Williams has written a review of the 31 Day challenge in camera clips.  Have a look.

31 Day Challenge 2015 – Jen Williams

31 Day Challenge for December 2015

Greetings from 2016! And Happy New Year!

Well – the 31 Day Challenge for December 2015 is over, and we had a fun time – at least I think we did. It was hard work finding a topic a day, but Judy, Bruce, Frances, David, Heather, Jen, James and I kept up the pace for the full 31 days. There were plenty of images from Kerry, Anne, Dana and even Matt (remember him?). Lots of photos (435 at last count) and lots of challenges for the participants. The list is just the ones that were posted on our Flickr page – there are lots of other images from each photographer in the mix you can explore.

Some interesting comments from our participants at the end put it in perspective (and a few of their photos):

Judy:It has certainly stretched my photography. I learn from trial and error and there have certainly been lots of shots deleted but in the process I have got to know what my camera can do and my skills are steadily improving. I was fascinated to find so many insects in my garden. Most of them were feeding on different sections of the hollyhocks!

Frances: “As we saw in the new year with friends I just wanted to say thanks for letting me participate in the 31 day challenge. I learnt heaps, from how to take photos, and how to mess them up, as well as the limitations of a compact camera compared to an SLR.”

Heather: “this is the life. It really has been a challenge, a great insight into contributors diversity and skills.”

Bruce: “Had a great month of playing photographer and scratching my head every day as to the next subject. I know I’ve increased my skills, maybe just a little, but it’s growth none the less. Thanks Flickr & thanks Blackwood Photographic Club for running this valuable December challenge.”

So here a few photos that I can access and embed:
December challenge 18  Duxtons - Day 7 BPC Day 26 NZ Kauri Pine 068-15Reflections by DanaSitting by Lake Albert trying to keep coolDay 19 - The look of love
BPC 31Day Challenge - Day 9 Naked Hairy Oak BPC 31 day challenge day 1031 Day Challenge - Day 14


You can view the whole group on Flickr in this search BPC 31 Day Challenge for 2015 . If you haven’t looked at the images yet, please have a look, comment on the images and see what your fellow BPC members have been up to.

Now for those of you wanting to try something longer term, how about a 52 week challenge? I came across this blog this week (there are others, but this one seems well structured). One photo a week with the core themes of Portraits, Landscapes or Artistic impression. The photographer suggesting it (Dale Foshe at Dogwood Photography in the US) has made the list for you. All you need to do is follow the list (which I’ll email out each week as well) and you can play along in the same way. Just post in the club Flickr group and tag the photo with “BPC 52 week challenge 2016” and we can see what comes of it. To participate in the world wide group, you should add the tags dogwood52 and dogwood <week number> (eg this is dogwood 1). Are you up for it? Can you produce a photo a week based on the nominated topic? This week it starts with a Self Portrait.

And a final reminder – the Coventry Library in Stirling is hosting the best of the best from our Annual Exhibition. Pop in and have a look – we have a very talented bunch, and after this years 31 Day Challenge, I think we’ll have lots of new faces in the 2016 Annual Exhibition!


Chris :)

Annual Exhibition 2015

The annual exhibition is the culmination of the years calendar.  Everyone brings their best work to display.  This year was no exception.  The judging was conducted at the Pedlars house a fortnight before.  There were 3 judges, Gary Secombe, John Seidel and Renee Holmes.

On the night all of the images were displayed.  There were so many images that we ran out of display room.  The monochrome images needed to be laid out on tables at the back.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was a presentation of awards. These were distributed among a wide cross section of the club.  Apart from old names like Theo Prucha, Jenny Pedlar, Helen Whitford and Jo Tabe, awards went to newer members like Bruce Nankivell, Gloria Brumfield and Kerry Malec.  Congratulations must however go to all the prize and award winners.  Also I would like to acknowledge the work of all of the contributors – as the exhibition displayed the best of everyone’s work through out the year.  I couldn’t help thinking that the standards are going up and we are all being stretched by the competition.


The winners of the major awards this year are as follows:

  • Album Prints – Best Image – Edge Malpas Award – Helen Whitford
  • Album Prints – Aggregate – JV Spick Award – Theo Prucha
  • Colour Prints – Best Image – Fotoswift Award – Helen Whitford
  • Colour Prints – Aggregate – Blackwood Photographic Club Award – Helen Whitford
  • Monochrome – Best Image – I’ve been Framed Award – Alberto Giurelli
  • Monochrome – Aggregate – Blackwood Times award – Jo Tabe
  • Projected Images – Best Image – Hutt Street Photos Award – Bruce Nankivell
  • Projected Images – WEA Landscape Trophy – Jo Tabe
  • Projected Images – Aggregate – Photographic Wholesalers Award – Helen Whitford

I must thank Ashley for taking images and making them available for this article.  There was a lot of work that went on behind the scenes in preparation for the exhibition, including application forms, databases, collecting images, the judging, printing and displaying.

As well as the presentation of photographic achievement awards, the Bill Templar Award was given to Graham Field for his contribution to the club over the last year.  Sometimes the hardest workers are not always most visible.  This is true of Graham who works behind the scenes in his own quiet way.  Graham has gone the extra mile repeatedly to help the club run smoothly.

In Camera Clips I have a companion article in which I set out a collection  of the award winning images, the merits and most importantly the highest scoring image from each competitor.   I have asked competitors to reflect on their best images and give feedback as to how it was taken and why it was entered.  Be sure to have a read.



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