Programme 2011

Our 2011 programme is presented below – and view the Top digital competition images (so far….)


20. Welcome back! Uncle Arthur’s slide night
No prints, no digital images. Bring in a selection of your favourite 35mm slides.  Bring along up to 10 slides for a night of nostalgia and fun!

Note: Bring a plate

26. Australia Day


3. Competition: Post Cards
You’re bound to have been criticised by a judge for having a photograph which looks like a postcard. Here’s your chance to get your own back. Produce a postcard image

17. Club outing: Sunset at Henley Beach
The club will meet at the Square at Henley Beach at 7.30pm for a dusk photo shoot followed by coffee and a snack.


3. Competition: Food Glorious Food
Be creative and have fun in the kitchen! Show us your images of food in all its mouth watering glory! Emulate the food stylists that illustrate the cookbooks of all those TV chefs. Present an unusual aspect of a food stuff that we don’t normally see. Dish up a new and interesting plate that will make us salivate in anticipation of the real thing! Recipes not required.

14. Adelaide Cup Day

17. Workshop: GIMP
Get the most out of GIMP – the free image processing application. We will have laptops on hand with GIMP installed – or bring your own – and we’ll show you how to manipulate images including using the interface, adjusting the brightness/contrast (curves), sharpening, resizing etc

31. Competition: Corrugations
Wool or wash-boards, tin or roads, wrinkles, folds or ridges there are limitless options

14. Workshop: Exploring your camera

Find out how to explore and use that camera to its full potential!
Bring your camera, your camera manual, questions and willingness to explore.

Club members (dare we say tech types?) will assist you in learning new tricks to make the most of your camera

23-26. Easter Long Weekend
A club field trip either for the holiday Monday or the weekend will be planned

28. Competition: Nature
Entries in this competition must show no evidence of the hand of man.
Beautiful flowers, animals, landscapes, rock formations are fine. Fence posts, powerlines, bitumen roads etc must not appear!

Note: Issue of disposable cameras to those who intend taking part in the competition staged on AGM night


12. Workshop: Studio lighting
A workshop at the club rooms with human models, studio lights, backdrops, umbrellas – the lot. Bring your camera and be prepared to try some shots.
Note: The model will receive processed images (after the shoot) as part of her re-imbursement – choose your best images for her.

26. Competition: Yellow
Whether a colour or monochrome image, it will be obvious to the viewer that the colour yellow is the dominant feature.
The mere presence of yellow is not sufficient.

9. Workshop: Photoshop workflow
Learn more about Adobe Photoshop workflow. We will again have laptops on hand with Photoshop installed (bring your own if you like). The aim is to show you a workflow with Photoshop image manipulation so you can wow us with your work efficiently.

13. Queen’s Birthday Holiday
A photographic outing somewhere. The cuttlefish at Whyalla are good subjects at this time of year.

23. Competition: Smaller than a breadbox
The breadbox is used as a general indication of the size of the subject. The actual subject is not defined

7. Competition: Interclub with Edwardstown Photographic Club
An annual battle of photographs consisting of monochrome and colour prints as well as projected images. We are the hosts this year.

Note: Bring a Plate

21. Competition: The concept is 3
Think outside the triangle! The number 3. 3 associated objects in the image. A triptych. Any image that shouts three at you.

4. Club outing: Atkins Technicolour
Workshop on the techniques for optimising your images once they are captured in the camera – an outing to the processing labs.
Paul Atkins will give us a tour of the lab and information from his recent visit to Kodak in New York.

Atkins is one of the premier labs in the country with a history going back to 1936 and one of the few places that the E6 process is still available in Australia.
Address: Atkins Technicolour, 89 Fullarton Road Kent Town, SA Australia 5067

18. Competition: Abstract
Art which is either totally non-representational or which turns forms seen in reality into patterns which are viewed as independent forms with no reference to the original source.


  • Nomination forms for AGM available
  • Club fees due at end of this month


1. Guest Speaker
To be announced

15. Annual General Meeting and Single Use camera competition
Subscriptions must be paid by tonight to vote.

Post meeting programme to be advised.
The club will also judge the Disposable Camera competition this evening
Note: Bring a plate

29. Competition: Illusion
The dictionary says unreal image, deceptive appearance, trick or fallacy – all in this image is not what it seems

Note: Start preparing entries for Annual Exhibition – forms available


1-3.Labour Day Long Weekend
This has often been a club outing. One will be planned during the year

13. Workshop: Practical night
The subject will be decided after canvassing club views.

Note: Remember to bring your entry forms for the Annual

27. Competition: Reflections
The bulk of the photograph shows the reflection of objects or a scene reflected in a surface such as water, glass, metal or other polished surface


10. Annual Exhibition: Judging
Three judges will evaluate the best the club has to offer. Come along, view all the images and see fair play done. Images can be those that have been entered in Competitions throughout the year, or entirely new ones.
Subject Open. Marked out of 15

24. Annual Exhibition and award presentation
A display of all entries and the presentation of awards.

Note: Bring a plate


3. End of year picnic
The last club event of the year – on a Saturday. Always an enjoyable time. Venue will be advised.

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