Programme 2022

January 9        FIELD TRIP: Port Adelaide 

January 13      FIRST MEETING FOR THE YEAR!  PHOTO ESSAY: “A Story in 10 Images

Can you tell a story in 10 images?                      

January 26      Australia Day


The field trip to Port Adelaide provided opportunities to photograph the architecture of this area, but any photograph where architecture is the dominant theme is suitable for this competition.

February 10    WORKSHOP: Water

This is a workshop where various ways of photographing water will be demonstrated. Bring your camera! There’s a competition on this theme 21st April.


Something new and different! Members will be asked to propose questions in advance of this evening, asking for explanation or advice on anything to do with photography and the processes involved. Selected members will then present answers to the questions.

March 06        FIELD TRIP: Kinchina  

This field trip to Kinchina near Murray Bridge should provide good opportunities for photographing birds.

March 10        COMPETITION: “FRAMED”  

Use elements of a scene to create a frame within a frame. E.g. by shooting through a doorway, pulled-back curtains, branches, fences, tunnels, or even a frame to highlight the subject.

March 24        WORKSHOP: Creative

There’s a Show & Tell on this subject 5th May.

Creative/Altered-Reality Images: Creative and experimental photographs display a novel effect due to the unusual combination of objects and /or unusual viewpoint.  Photographs where images have been modified during or after exposure by using experimental techniques are also eligible.  The photograph must always have a basic photographic origin.  Digital manipulation may be employed provided the original photograph was exposed by the entrant.

April 07        SHOW AND TELL – CREATIVE 

Here’s the chance to display or project your results following our workshop back on 24th March. Note this isn’t a competition; it’s an evening to explain how you got the results you did by using various creative techniques.

April 15-18      Easter

April 21           COMPETITION: “WATER” 

We’ve had our workshop on capturing interesting photographs of water back on 10th February, and now we see the results.

April 25           Anzac Day (Monday) 

April 25-30      FIELD TRIP: Gawler Ranges

A trip to the Gawler Ranges staying at Hiltaba and the Gawler Ranges National Park.

May 01            FIELD TRIP: Hallett Cove (Cancelled due to the Gawler Ranges Trip)

This field trip revisits Hallett Cove, where there are many photography opportunities but in particular we’ll concentrate on “movement”. There’s a competition on “movement” 2nd June.

May 05            GUEST SPEAKER: Chris Herzfeld

Chris Herzfeld is a photographer of Dance, so this will be an interesting and instructional evening on how to capture the fluidity of dancing.  

May19             GUEST SPEAKER: Denis Smith

Denis is experienced in Light Painting, using various techniques to produce unusual results. This will be an informative evening where Denis will explain the techniques he uses.

June 02            COMPETITION: “DANCE & MOVEMENT” 

We had the benefit of Guest Speaker Chris Herzfield on 7th April, so this is your chance to enter the results of your own efforts in photographing dance. There’s also the results of our field trip 1st May regarding movement.

The subject of your image must clearly show dance and/or movement

June 11-13       Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

June 16            WORKSHOP: I did it my way (Changed date from original programme)

An opportunity to experiment with each other’s images and share ideas on what has worked well for you.

June 30            WORKSHOP: Light (Changed date from original programme)

Members will get helpful instructions and ideas on the use of light when taking a photograph.

July 14               COMPETITION:CURVES & ANGLES”

This topic is wide-ranging, in that the subject can be one of many subjects provided the main theme is evidently curves or angles.

July 15               FIELD TRIP: Illuminate Adelaide

This field trip takes us to the city during the Illuminate Adelaide event being held from 5th July to 31st July. Whilst most events are ticketed, there will be free events as well.

July 28               WORKSHOP: High Key Portraiture

Tonight’s workshop focuses on taking high-key portraits. This will lead to our competition on 6th October.

August 11          TECHNO NIGHT

Layers, focus stacking, B&W conversion, HDR etc. This is the night to see what techniques and processes are used resulting in the various images, themes or instructions being shown and/or discussed at the table of your choice.

August 25          COMPETITION: “LIGHT”

How did you use light to capture or make your photograph for this competition? Whilst “light” (from the Greek “photos”) is an essential element of all photography, this competition requires it to be the main theme.

This follows from the workshop 30th June.


Elect your committee!

NOTE: The AGM will be followed by a presentation by Guest Speaker Malcolm Ludgate

September 22    PHOTOGRAPHIC GAMES        

A fun evening where games based on photographic themes will take place. All the games are designed to teach a photographic skill.

September 25    FIELD TRIP: Art Gallery and Library

This field trip to our Art Gallery and Mortlock Library should give you plenty of inspiration and opportunities for photographing these renowned institutions.

October 01-03   October Long Weekend


This competition’s main theme is the rendering of a portrait using high-key lighting. The application of high-key lighting can be daylight or by the use of flash.

October 20         WORKSHOP: How did you do that?

A workshop where explanations are given to how certain results are obtained in photography, either in print or projected.

November 03     TRAVELOGUE

Some members will make presentations of their travels, whether within Australia or overseas

November 05      Annual Exhibition Judging (This is not a Club night)


A display of all entries and the presentation of annual awards.

December 01       END-OF-YEAR EVENT

Bring your camera along to photograph our Blackwood area during the last light of the day. Meet back at The Studio later.