Welcome to Blackwood Photographic Club!

New members are very welcome!  For all inquiries contact Julie Goulter (President) at blackwoodphotoclub@gmail.com

Blackwood Photographic Club was formed in 1983 to encourage & promote enjoyment of the art of photography in our community. With members from all walks of life we have a wide-ranging level of skills and experience that we are more than willing to share.

Among us there are those who work in a traditional way using slide and negative film while others have fully embraced digital photography and electronic imaging. Members’ cameras range from film cameras (compact, large format & SLR), to digital (compacts, superzooms, DSLRs, mirrorless and phones).

The club has fortnightly meetings for most of the year with regular competitions, workshops, critique sessions (show and tell for grown ups), regular field trips and a variety of informative and social activities.

Please view our programme from this link, the menu above (choose the year) or at a glance on the lower right of this page (scroll down to the calendar feed) to see if you’re interested in what the club offers.

You may also view examples of our work from the Top Digital Images and Top Prints from this year’s competitions, the slide show of the latest competition images at right, BPCSA galleries link in the menu above, or scroll down to see what members are posting on the club Flickr page. Financial club members also have access to our Facebook page which has images and ideas.

Everyone is welcome at our meetings, held in The Studio, Memorial Hall, 21 Coromandel Parade, Blackwood on alternate Thursday evenings (starting at 7:30pm), when you will have an opportunity to join in our activities without obligation. There is no need to bring a camera unless it’s a practical workshop 😉

We look forward to welcoming you into our community.

Blackwood Photographic Club