2016 Digital Competition – Top Images

Our top images (generally scored a 9 or 10) from the Set subject and Open sections from each competition are presented here. You can also see some of the top Print images from each section – check out the Top Prints page

There are also a few Editor’s Choice images – the benefits of being the web master! 😉

Peruse and enjoy the best images from our club competitions – judged by SAPF and non-SAPF judges (and some by the web master).

Please hover your mouse over the image to see the title and photographer – then click the image to see it full size.


28     Competition: Leading Lines

Leading lines refers to a composition technique where the viewer’s eye led into the image. Some examples could be receding road, train tracks, receding street, lines of trees. Don’t be limited to these examples.



Summer Green – Robyn Due


10     Competition: Circles

One or more circles or clearly circular objects must be the significant focus of the images.


7     Competition: Urban Landscape

While landscape encompasses our wider environment, urban landscape is more restrictive – a landscape portraying a city or suburban scene with high to medium building density.


2     Competition: Photojournalism

This is basically telling stories with pictures. However, the stories must also be newsworthy. Such stories appear in newspapers, magazines, TV and websites.

Novice Section

A01_Stephanie Mallen_HalloweenOn Hindley_Novice

Stephanie Mallen – No Regret

Projected – Set and Open


Interclub with Edwardstown

The annual duel with Edwardstown comprising both prints and projected image – this time it’s at their place (TBC)

14     Competition: Worm’s Eye View

It must be obvious that these images have been taken with the camera at or very close to ground level.

Set Subject




25       CompetitionPeople at Work

One or more people conducting their normal daily occupation must be the significant focus of these images.
Try for images that make this occupation fascinating.


A01_Stephanie Mallen_Singapore Construction_Novice

Singapore Construction Worker – Steph Mallen

Open and Set Subject

Editor’s Choice

Well seen patterns Bruce!


Vine Design – Bruce Nankivell



6     Competition: Sports

Images must capture a story of one or more people/animals obviously involved a sport or objects clearly associated with a sport. Sports in this context are seen as physically active pursuits.

Set Subject



17     Annual Exhibition and Awards

A display of all Annual Exhibition entries, the presentation of aggregate and Annual Exhibition and the Bill Templar awards. Your chance to be photographed with the Pres (not really that good actually)

Bring a plate to share in the festivities