2017 Digital Competition – Top Images

Our top images (generally scored a 9 or 10) from the Set subject and Open sections from each competition are presented here. You can also see some of the top Print images from each section – check out the Top Prints page

There are also a few Editor’s Choice images – the benefits of being the web master! 😉

Peruse and enjoy the best images from our club competitions – judged by SAPF and non-SAPF judges (and some by the web master).

Please hover your mouse over the image to see the title and photographer – then click the image to see it full size.


2     Competition: 50 Shades of Orange

The subject can be anything. However, the dominant subject or a significant portion of the image must be orange


16     Competition: Straight from the Camera

Any subject is eligible. However, the image exhibited, print or projected, must not have been altered in any way post exposure except resizing.

Set Subject



David Hancock – Torquay Light


27     Competition: Triptych

One photograph comprising three image panels. The three panels must contain three separate images not one divided into three. The images must complement one another to tell one story. For both print and projected formats the three images must be presented so that they are exhibited simultaneously.

Set Subject


Chris Schultz – Sunset Silhouette

Editor’s Choices

I loved the way people embraced this Set subject, so here are some more of the images.


8     Competition: Landscape/Seascape

Landscape: A picture featuring the natural scenery or terrain. People or buildings may be included but should not dominate the picture.
Seascape: A picture in which the sea or waves predominate. Coastal features or the shoreline may be included to a lesser degree.






20     Competition: Lightpainting

The subject matter can be anything.  The image must clearly demonstrate the use of a Light Painting technique as described in the Workshop description on the May page of this programme.

Set Subject



31       CompetitionWeather

Set subject

An image that conveys weather as the major feature, not simply the effects of weather. (You may have to venture out on a stormy day or night).




12     Competition: Wildlife

Images must be one or more extant zoological or botanical organisms in free, unrestricted natural or adopted environment. Landscapes, geological formations or zoo/game farm animals not allowed (see APS FIAP PSA rules)

Set subject



23    Annual Exhibition and Awards

A display of all Annual Exhibition entries, the presentation of aggregate and Annual Exhibition and the Bill Templar awards. Your chance to be photographed with the Pres (not really that good actually)

Bring a plate to share in the festivities