2018 Print Competition – Top Images


1     Competition:             Landscape/Seascape

An image featuring the natural scenery or terrain. Many people mistakenly believe taking a landscape is easy, but there are so many variables that getting that excellent landscape image can be quite challenging!



15   Competition:             Natural Light Portraiture

No studio set-ups here, nor use of any form of man-made light source.
It’s all about using natural light to produce portraits. Whether it’s outside during the day or using daylight coming through a window or even moonlight, you need to use the natural light available to illuminate your subject.




26   Competition:             Street Photography

Storytelling images recording everyday life in public places. Photographic manipulations that alter the truth are not acceptable.




7     Competition:             Macro / Micro / Close-up

We enter the miniature and maybe microscopic world with this competition, where small objects are photographed. These images show fine details not usually noticed with a cursory look.  Set Subject and Open images included in gallery.




2     Competition:            Square Crop

An image that is contained within a square is all that’s needed for this competition. Any subject will do but the main aim is to present images that suit the square format. Think inside the square!


30   Competition:             Break The Boundaries

Here’s your chance to produce images that “break the Rules” and challenge your own comfort zone.

Editor’s Choice
New member Bev Langley presented this gorgeous Honeyeater.

Perfect Pangarinda – Bev Langley




11   Competition:              Odd Things in my Garden

This subject is close to home – in fact it is home! Take your camera into your own garden to discover delights you might otherwise overlook. Not your average garden photo but instead look for the novel, the odd, the unusual, the unique.




 22  Annual Exhibition and Awards

A display of all entries and the presentation of annual awards.