2019 Print Competition – Top Images


14     Competition:             Architecture

Look to capture creative images of architecture. What is the essence of the building the architect designed? Things may not always be as they seem!


28     Competition:             Shadows

An image that has, for its main photographic merit, a dominant shadow, or shadows.


9     Competition:             Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire & Water

An image depicting any or all of these elements.


20     Competition:             A Sense of Movement

How do you capture “movement”?  That is the challenging task set for this competition. The image must clearly indicate “movement” to qualify.


1     Competition:             Lit from Behind

The source of lighting for these images will be from behind the subject. Often called “contra-jour”.      



26     Competition:             Spot Colour

A spot of colour is the defining aspect of the image. Note that monochrome images for this competition will be “Open” category only.


24     Competition:             Connection

Any image that clearly indicates a connection will qualify, whether it be mechanical, human, animal, emotional etc.


21     Competition:             Annual Exhibition

Our best work of 2019