2019 Digital Competition – Top Images


14     Competition:             Architecture

Look to capture creative images of architecture. What is the essence of the building the architect designed? Things may not always be as they seem!


28     Competition:             Shadows

An image that has, for its main photographic merit, a dominant shadow, or shadows.


9     Competition:             Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire & Water

An image depicting any or all of these elements.


20     Competition:             A Sense of Movement

How do you capture “movement”?  That is the challenging task set for this competition. The image must clearly indicate “movement” to qualify.

Editor’s choices….a few more which captured movement well.


1     Competition:             Lit from Behind

The source of lighting for these images will be from behind the subject. Often called “contra-jour”.        

Editor’s choices …. a few more which captured the Set Subject well.


26     Competition:             Spot Colour

A spot of colour is the defining aspect of the image. Note that monochrome images for this competition will be “Open” category only.

Editor’s Choices



24     Competition:             Connection

Any image that clearly indicates a connection will qualify, whether it be mechanical, human, animal, emotional etc.


21     Competition:             Annual Exhibition


Our best work of 2019