2020 Digital Competition – Top Images



30     Competition:             Transport

An image that clearly portrays a mode of transport or the environment in which transport operates.



12   Competition:             Multiple Exposure

A combination of two or more images into one.  Images may be overlaid onto another in post processing, or the camera used to make multiple exposures onto one frame.



23   Competition:             Social Documentary

A social documentary image can be described as one that captures the brutal reality of life around us.  Closely aligned to “Street Photography”. SD is more “edgy”or “gritty”, generally showing pathos.  See how you interpret this subject.



4     Competition:             The Colour Black

The main subject of the image to be dominated by black.  This can be a dark shadow area, or an object big or small.  These can be colour or monochrome images.



16     Competition:             Letters and Numbers

Produce a strong image incorporating letters and/or numbers for this subject.  The letters/numbers must be the focal point of the image.



13     Competition:            Wind Powered

Any image that shows how wind is used or harvested as a power supply will qualify for this subject.



24   Competition:             Product Photography

“Sell”us your product/concept.



22   Competition:              Character Study

An image that portrays the essential character of a person or animal.


19  Annual Exhibition and Awards

A display of all entries and the presentation of annual awards.