A total of 64 small prints were submitted from 12 members. It was obvious from the various subjects portrayed that at least one member had travelled far, as several images submitted were taken in Sydney.

Most images were captured within the Adelaide and Adelaide Hills area.

Three teams each comprising six members were arranged. Each member scored individually then each team captain consolidated their team member’s scores to produce an aggregate for their team. Each of the three aggregates was then totalled in the spreadsheet to produce the average aggregate per team. The scores reproduced in the table below are the total points, the average team aggregate points as well as the average score for the print.

Once again we had a clear winner with James Allan’s image no. 51 (image at left). Second place was a little cramped with three members scoring the same points; these being Mark Pedlar’s print 22, Ray Goulter’s print 45 and James Allan’s print 50. Matt Carr followed with his print 61.
Member Image number Total Points Teams Aggregate Average Points awarded Placing
James Allan 51 72 24 4 1st
Mark Pedlar 22 69 23 3.833 Eq. 2nd
Ray Goulter 45 69 23 3.833 Eq. 2nd
James Allan 50 69 23 3.833 Eq. 2nd
Matt Carr 61 67 22.333 3.722 3rd (5th?)

Another interesting exercise was incorporated into the spreadsheet this year and this was to extract the members with the highest average points awarded for all the prints each submitted.

James Allan, on average, was awarded 3.574 points per image. He was followed by Ray Goulter with 3.213 and Chris Schultz with 3.102 average points. Then followed Mark Pedlar (3.065) and Ashley Hoff (3.056).

All in all a fun evening was had by all, which augers well for this odd competition being included in following year’s programmes.

Ray Goulter

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