The 31 Day challenge – over but not out!

Happy New Year!!

For those that weren’t involved in the 31 day challenge – and didn’t review the images, its worth a quick look at what was a challenging and very enjoyable month.

James, Jim, David Tulloch (DavidT) and I managed to put in an image a day (at least – some were more prolific than others ;)), along with some less frequent, but we also had very good images from Erika, Ashley, Matt, Ray and David Douglas-Martin.

Day 11: Wandering Jew Jim and James produced some stunning macros, as well as a range of other quite interesting captures and even abstract. Jim’s image of  Wandering Jew was selected as the DailyQi’s on line magazines image of the day – well done!

DavidT spent a the month providing what probably amounts to a travelogue of South Australia (maybe TourismSA needs to have a chat), with a few truly memorable images at different times of day and some interesting places.

I focused on windows – not an easy task to make something fresh daily given a long lasting lurgi and the narrow scope – you live and you learn.

Ive included a few of what I think were 2 or 3 images with the most impact from each contributor below – and as you all know, I’m not a judge…….but I do have opinions 😛

Day 17: Gerbera Day 21: Odd man out Day 30: White rock rose 1
Waterslide Mushroom Damsel Fly
red and green fountain new growth
Day 6 - Rainstorm abstract on window Day 29 - Criss cross window pattern Day 31 - Window clouds

What the challenge also achieved was to make us think about what we were going to photograph and share – a bit of planning and thought produced some great images from all even though not every image was a 10 😀

More importantly, it gave us the chance to stay in touch over the month, exchange idea and comments, and as James put it in one of the last replies to a comment My wife gives a sigh of relief and is glad it’s all over. I think I’ll miss the daily repartee. This is really just like face book isn’t it.

Some of the other ideas that came out of our discussions, apart from what we thought competition judges wouldn’t like (eg Maybe for Christmas we can all get together and build a judge who understands Ashley’s work?) :lol:, was that we could use our group page as:

  • a test bed for images for the monthly competitions. Admittedly that might give some an unfair advantage, but on the other hand it would also create discussion and lift our skills
  • use it as a challenge like the disposable camera night
  • have general discussions and repartee – a bit like facebook for photo nuts too old to play at facebook!
David D-M
Bearded Iris Point made
Ashley Erika Matt Ray
Dec 19 - My Day 2 - Laughing Ballarina words of wisdom Cambo front

Go over to the Flickr group to catch all of  them – and maybe leave a comment about what you think are the best images!


Chris 😉


2 responses

  1. Well done to all those that contributed at least an image each day, and those like me, who forgot most days, but contributed occasionally! 🙂

    08/01/2011 at 10:54 am

  2. I usually don’t commonly post on many Blogs, however I just has to say thank you for The 31 Day challenge – over but not out! Blackwood Photographic Club of South Australia Inc…. keep up the amazing work. Ok unfortunately its time to get to my duties.

    04/02/2011 at 10:25 pm