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El Presidente loses his cool…..

I don’t normally post here – it all goes into El Presidente’s Musings where it can be lost for all excluding the hardiest site readers.

But on this occasion I’ll make an exception and point you to the latest musing where I lose my cool a little.

Make of it what you will


Things Come in Threes – April 27th Triptych Competition

Members embraced the Set Subject and challenged themselves to try something new with some brilliant results in our Triptych competition on Thursday night.  Judge Susie Lipert took a gentle approach, clearly putting herself in the place of the photographer while she gave constructive comments, talked about what did and didn’t work and gave helpful hints on how images could have been improved.  Her comments were broad ranging – very specific to the image and I think her efforts were appreciated by all.

There was a really interesting range of subjects and some people had clearly taken photographs specifically for triptychs.

Eric was very creative…..

Eric Budworth – Life Span

James thought outside the square…..

James Allan – Cogs

Tariq showed off  beautiful details…..

Tasriq Mohammad Abdul – Place of Worship

and Helen still couldn’t resist focusing on furry animals!

Helen Whitford – The Three Faces of Moyo

And in Open, James captured a Variable Sunbird in all its shimmering glory!

James Allan – Variable Sunbird – Open

To see more images from the night visit the Top Prints and Top Projected Images which includes a number of extra Editor’s Choices.

Hopefully this Set Subject may have opened minds to the use of triptychs in other competitions as a triptych is great for storytelling and can be used very creatively.  It may not be the best mode for our next competition, but then again, maybe you will prove me wrong by entering a fantastic landscape triptych!


April 2017 Edition of Camera Clips is now out

Ashley Banner

I am pleased to announce the April edition of Camera Clips has been released.  The emphasis has been on three things.  The excursion to the Birdwood motor museum, the workshop on image preparation and lastly I have told the story of my Bird watching trip in East Africa.  Frances and I had a great time.  Thanks once again to the various authors.  I am sure you will enjoy this edition.


Rock and Roll Rendezvous

Ashley 8
When: Sunday April 9

Where: The Rock And Roll Rendezvous, The National Motor Museum, Shannon St, Birdwood SA 5234

Cost: There will be an entry cost of $25 per adult…..

FYI – Ashley has provided some photography tips.    Click here to take you to the Camera Clips article.

And Click here to see the pictures from the day.


Competition: Straight from the camera – 16-Mar-2017

This month’s set subject was “Straight from the Camera” and the top print and digital images from the competition have been available on the website for some days. What is significant about the set subject entries, most of those posted on the website, is that they have been subject to absolutely no modification after the shutter button was pushed.

For some time now there have been members in the club who have expressed concern that many images in our competitions have been edited post exposure. Also of concern was that some judges spend a lot of effort describing the various software techniques available for post exposure work that would have improved the images. So with this push to see more images that have not been enhanced post exposure this month’s set subject was included in the programme.

The rules were simple. No alteration to images was allowed post exposure. All images to be printed had to be shot in a printable format, not RAW. Images to be presented monochrome had to be shot that way. All photos had to be displayed full frame, no cropping: nor any changes to exposure, contrast, dodging, burning etc. Sounds like a return to 1970s slide competitions and a very good exercise in getting it right the first time. The only deviation from these rules was that those presenting projected images were allowed to reduce pixel numbers to levels that could be accommodated by the projector.

Judge for yourself – as did our judge for the evening – SAPF Judge Coordinator Keith Seidel.

There are still many photographers who can get it right without the software. Software is not a cheat or a magic wand; it’s just another tool.

Mark Pedlar