Book Title – 29-Mar-2012

Eric Budworth - Through the Looking Glass (set)Yes – I know…..why have we had to wait this long to hear about the Book Title competition? Life folks – this little black duck has been occupied with many other things 😉

Anyway, on to the competition night.
Firstly, the news!

  • We welcomed Graham Field as a new member – welcome and thanks for joining
  • We also welcomed the SAPF Secretary (and Port Adelaide Camera Club member and judge), Lydia Strutton as a guest. Lydia (and the new SAPF executive) are following the mantra of engaging with clubs and this was a tangible example of just that! Matt and I attended the SAPF AGM as delegates and will keep you informed of new things from SAPF President Alberto Giurelli (Para Camera Club) and the new committee.
  • A reminder that the interclub with Edwardstown is coming up on 17  July – so start getting your images and digital entries sorted
  • You should also be getting together any digital images for the SAPF Annual Exhibition which must be in by 1-Jun-2012. The committee will need at least 1 image from each member to try and represent our best work. You may also enter your own entries (digital or print) – visit the SAPF web site for more details.
  • The SAPF is holding an exhibition to mark 100 years of South Australian photography
    “Darkroom to Digital – 100 years of S. A. Photography”
    This special exhibition will be open from Wednesday May 15 till Saturday May 26 – daily from 10.00am until 4.00 pm at the Drill Hall, Torrens Parade Ground, Adelaide
  • A reminder that we need to have your orders in very soon (by 10 May 2012) for the disposable camera competition!

On to the competition. After much searching, our Judge communications secretary Julie found a well read judge to examine our images in the Book Title competition. David White is a former member (and President) of BPC and visited us with his wife Jean. David has wide interests including ornithology, photography, square dancing and bridge. With that array of interests David set forth in evaluating our efforts – with some rather interesting titles if not images. Think of Puss in Boots, Eat Pray Love, Through the Looking Glass, Jonathon Livingstone Seagull, Riddle of the Sands, Steve Jobs and the Thin Blue Line and you get the idea.

You can see David’s top images in the Digital Competition page and of course some of the Editor’s choice for a different perspective 😆


Chris 😉

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