It Must Be a Sign! – 14-Feb-2013

Volunteers Wanted - Ron Hassan - Set

Volunteers Wanted – Ron Hassan – Set

Quietly ignoring the fact that it was Valentine’s Day a large number of members and visitors showed up to inform, point us in the right direction, mislead and confuse us with our Signs competition.  Judge David Smith gave us helpful hints, tips and scores as he judged the 90 images, emphasizing the fact that he was presenting a personal opinion and that photography appreciation is very subjective.

There was an interesting range of ‘takes’ on the Signs theme though David noted that there was only one image that was angling for a laugh where Volunteers were wanted at a cemetery (thanks Ron!).

Eric’s Napoleon, Ursula’s Alpha Jet 01 and Chris S’s Rest in Peace impressed him the most.  A large number of Open section images in a range of genres created discussion and inspiration.   It was also great to see entries from a few of our newer members – they’re certainly throwing out a challenge to the rest of us!

To see the Top Scoring Images visit our Top Scoring Prints and Top Scoring Digital Images pages.

Helen Whitford 😉

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