Crossing Of Paths – A Meetup with Tea Tree Gully Camera Club – April 7th 2013

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Part of the fun of being involved with a Photography or Camera club is the enjoyment you get sharing your passion with others who feel the same.  Can you imagine how much more fun it is when 2 clubs get together?

On Sunday the 7th of April, BPC were invited to enjoy an afternoon of photography at Port Adelaide with the like minded people of the Tea Tree Gully Camera Club.  Approximately 6 BPC members were in attendance and approximately 10 from Tea Tree Gully.

It was a very pleasant afternoon, exploring the treasures around the Port, Capped off with an interesting sunset (dare I say, enhanced with a massive Jet contra trail, which I failed to capture!).

Tea Tree Gully seem to be our cross town kindred souls, who seem to share similar values when it comes to photography and photography/camera clubs.  If you would like to find out more about there club, you can view their website @

Needless to say, I think a return invite will be very much in order for the spring!


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