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Crossing Of Paths – A Meetup with Tea Tree Gully Camera Club – April 7th 2013

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Part of the fun of being involved with a Photography or Camera club is the enjoyment you get sharing your passion with others who feel the same.  Can you imagine how much more fun it is when 2 clubs get together?

On Sunday the 7th of April, BPC were invited to enjoy an afternoon of photography at Port Adelaide with the like minded people of the Tea Tree Gully Camera Club.  Approximately 6 BPC members were in attendance and approximately 10 from Tea Tree Gully.

It was a very pleasant afternoon, exploring the treasures around the Port, Capped off with an interesting sunset (dare I say, enhanced with a massive Jet contra trail, which I failed to capture!).

Tea Tree Gully seem to be our cross town kindred souls, who seem to share similar values when it comes to photography and photography/camera clubs.  If you would like to find out more about there club, you can view their website @

Needless to say, I think a return invite will be very much in order for the spring!



Water with movement – 16-Aug-2012

No Connection - Eric BudworthDespite the cold and rain Thursday August 19th saw a good turnout and a high number of entries in all sections of the competition, with the Set Subject of Water with Movement well represented. Thanks must go to Kym Farnik, an experienced photographer and judge who filled in at late notice and judged in a fairly consistent and positive manner whilst acknowledging that judging is always subjective and that people may not always agree with him. (And of course, we sometimes didn’t!)

Scores covered a wide range with Kym choosing a single top image in each section to receive a 10. He seemed particularly impressed by James Allan’s Spoonerism and Ursula Prucha’s Dolphin. He complimented the club on a high overall standard, while giving constructive criticism and suggestions for each image. Once again tighter cropping was a frequent suggestion!

It was good to see a number of entries from new members to the club!



Catch Up, Dec 2011 – BPC Receives Development Grant

Chris Schultz and Ashley Hoff At the Mitcham Council Grants Reception

Chris Schultz and Ashley Hoff At the Mitcham Council Grants Reception

As the members of The Blackwood Photographic Club would know, in 2011, we received another grant from the Mitcham Council.  This grant was used to purchase a Spyder Pro Monitor and Projector calibration device.

In Mid December, Chris and myself were invited to attend the official Community Development Grants Reception, which was held at the council chambers.

Our thanks and gratitude goes to the Council and the Grant Committee for accepting and approving our grant.  We truly appreciate their continued support.


Mitcham – 02-February-2012

AND we are off and running for 2012!  The first competition for the year was themed ‘Mitcham’ – Images from the City of Mitcham.

The night was judged by Edwardstown member, Chris Carter, who had to contend with a smaller than usual entry list of 84 images (17 Album, 3 slide, 24 digital, 30 Colour Prints and 11 Mono prints).  Don’t forget to check out our gallery to view our top digital entries and (new for 2012) our top print entries.

Also new for 2012 was the re-appearance of the Peoples Choice award, sponsored by The Blackwood Pizza Bar.  This week, the Peoples Choice was taken out by Jo Tabe with her Lenswood Ruin image.

It was also good to see a few visitors on the night.  Peter, Gloria, Sue & Barbara from the newly formed Adelaide Hills Photographic Club made an appearance, to see how we do things.  We wish them all the best on their venture.  It was also good to see another visitor, David, who saw our images at the Stirling library and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Anyhow, looking forward to seeing you all again on Thursday the 16th of February at Marks and Jennys for the natural light portrait night

Cheers, Ashley

Just A Wee Update – Things We Have Been Up To! September To November

Wow, time fly’s when you are having fun!  Anyone guess from the lack of news here, that all we have been doing over the last few months has been nothing but competitions….  How wrong can you be!  Below is a quick recount of what we have been up to.

September 1 – Guest Speaker – Darren Siwes

Darren very graciously spent an evening with us in early September.  For me, especially, it was a very informative insight into how a Photomedia artist works and his inspiration behind his art.  He touched on most aspects of his Photography work, from his earliest long exposure work, through to his ‘Bronze Coin’ representations of 2010.  It was certainly an honour to have an artist who has been exhibited world wide as a guest to our club.

For more information on Darren, check out the excellent write up by James Allen in our September Camera Clips (LINK)

September 15 – AGM

Our Annual General Meeting was held on the 15th of September, with the following offices being decided:

President: Chris Schultz
Vice President: Ashley Hoff
Secretary: Yvonne Sears
Treasurer: Jenny Pedlar
Ex-officio: James Allan, Matt Carr, Adrian Hill, Mark Pedlar, Richard Wormald
September also saw the peer judging of our Disposable Camera contest, with the top image taken out by Helen Whitford and her Morton Bay Fig Roots

September 17 – Informal Outing, Goolwa Cockle Train

The Duke Of EdinburghOn the same weekend as the Noarlunga Photographic Exhibition (please follow the link to Eric’s write up), a group of us decided to venture to Goolwa, to catch the Cockle Train to Victor Harbour.

It was quite a fortunate outing, as we were able to experience Steam Travel in both directions, including the Steam Rangers “Duke OF Edinburgh” on the way back.  For someone as young as myself, it was certainly great to experience an era that my parents had only told me about 😉 (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Victor Harbour was also hosting a Rock and Roll Festival, which gave us plenty of photo opportunities.

October 13 – Practical Workshop

The October workshop was a walk out and about the local Blackwood area, with the emphasis on low light photography.Overcast Moon 2

Some may see it as a blessing, others a hindrance, but the moon was out with in all it’s glory.  Combine that with some broken cloud, saw some awesome dramatic shots (all we needed were some bat’s!)

As per always, check out our flickr group to see what people shot on the night (click on the image to your right, should head you in the right direction!).

October 16 – An Afternoon With Steve Parish (Marion Cultural Centre)

While not an official BPC event/outing, a few of our members managed to attend the Marion Cultural Centres ‘THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHING ANIMALS, PLANTS & LANDSCAPES’ workshop with Steve Parish.

Please follow the link to read James Allen’s writeup (LINK)

October 30 – Outing, Wellington To Hindmarsh Island

Random chairsAfter our aborted effort to get an outing organised duing the long weekend, we finally managed to get out and about again on the 30th of October.

The outing took in such highlights as the Arboretum at Wellington, Milang, Clayton Bay, Finnis and Hindmarsh Island.  There was a decent turnout, with up to 4 cars in convoy taking in the sites (but watch out for those Gary Secombe abrupt stops!)

The weather was nice, the company good and the pictures plentiful.  Again, click on the picture to your left to head to our Flickr page

BPC on the Shores of Lake Alexandrina

BPC on the Shores of Lake Alexandrina

November 10 – Annual Exhibition Judging

Well, our Annual Exhibition Judging has been run and the top prize getters have been decided by our three fantastic judges (David Douglas-Martin, Lindsay Poland and SAPF President, Peter Phillips).

The winners are…….you didn’t think I’d let the cat out of the bag that easy! You’ll just have to turn up to our Annual Exhibition on Thursday the 24th of November to find out!



Reflections – 27-October-2011

John Vidgeon - Jaguar ReflectionOctober saw another guest judge viewing our ‘Reflections’ competition, with Chris Schultz’s daughter Emily providing scores and comments for the night.

Again, it was a pleasure to see our work from a different point of view. Emily is a Graphic Artist by Profession (and quite an accomplished one), which meant that she provided an insight that we may not necessarily see from our regular judges.

It was also encouraging to see new names gracing the scoring sheets, with new member Nicky Mellonie scoring a few 9’s

As per always, please check out the top digital entries from the night, as well as a couple of my favourites, via our digital entries page!

An Afternoon With Steve Parish

Steve Parish Meets The Blackwood Photography Club

Steve Parish Meets Members From The Blackwood Photography Club

By James Allen

Last Sunday I was jammed tightly into a car with a mixed crowd. Chris Schultz, and his wife Janet, had elected to take myself, Matt Carr and Ashley Hoff to the Marion Community Centre to hear Steve Parish talk on his photography. Ashley had secured five extra tickets and advertised the event to club members. I had accepted. At the venue we were met by Yvonne, Adrian, John Duckmanton and Helen Whitford.

It is hard not to be aware of Steve Parish, whose images have graced the postcard stands and souvenir shops for over 2 decades. He has a penchant for capturing iconic images. Not just a koala, but the koala shot that you remember for years later, a kind of moody soulful archetypical koala. John tells me that he can recall Steve peddling his unique images in the streets of Brisbane back in the 1980’s. My wife’s parents have 2 of his prints, an egret and a lemon flycatcher on the walls of their house for as long as I can remember

I personally picture Steve from a photo in one of his books. He is a slim man with dark curly hair and a beard, up to his armpits in a swamp with an improbably large telephoto lens aimed upwards. In reality Steve is an introspective quiet man, rounded out into late middle age, grey haired, who loves to speak in a personable, almost a self mocking manner. He is passionate about nature, and about his photography. He weaves his story with a home grown mysticism and a sense of self discovery, with many joyous recollections but also marred by 3 divorces and a period of financial difficulty.

His story is of a journey where he meets one key person after another, who introduce and encourage him to explore the natural world. In his teen years as a navy diver and spear fisherman he was encouraged to take up underwater photography by Igor Oak. Later working for Parks and wildlife, Raol Slater introduced him to the techniques of bird photography. Likewise he tells of encounters with microbats, possums and gliders, of plants and lizards, and in the last few years he has become interested in insect photography.

He travels the country in his landcruiser, three cameras with different lenses perched precariously on the front passenger side seat wating for the right moment to come along. It sound like Steve encounters the right moment quite frequently. (There was also an unfortunate anecdote about leaving ½ million dollars of camera equipment in a backpack at a bus stop. I guess that was the wrong moment)

He talked at length about entering that mental state of play, of exploration where he will try one new trick after another, exploring the possibilities of an image. He likes an image to express an element of the meaning of the encounter with nature, the soul of the experience. He has never found that photographing captive animals gave him an uneasy conscience. I’m not a purist. It has certainly never affected my sales. However what did sell is eye contact. “Animal parks” he noted “offer people an encounter with wildlife that can inspire a love affair with nature, help to create the next generation of conservationists.”

He uses a Hasselblad medium format camera, shooting in Raw with a tripod. “If you are using a half frame camera or a compact – you’re not serious, you’re just playing with a toy”. He assures us that no matter how sage the advice to the contrary by the self proclaimed experts, he has found that film is not better than digital. There is no question about it. No comparison. After losing an archive of film images in the recent Queensland floods, he has had the pleasure of re-shooting his portfolio in digital. Compared to diving with two film cameras each with a total of 6 exposures, he can now take 1000 images in one dive and still have room left on the memory card.

The advice went on and on, from colour theory to composition, engaging wildlife, achieving images, handling the light and even writing a business plan and marketing your work. The content of his talk was encapsulated in a series of 4 books for sale after the talk on the technique of photography.

At the book signing Steve was beset by his admirers, me included. I think I saved him from a rather serious looking, non-astute photographer trying to palm off steam train photos in a manila folder. He signed my book. Although he didn’t remember by parents in law, he could recollect the poster of the lemon flycatcher. He agreed to a group photo with the camera club after the signing. I offered him a discount membership to the club and Matt suggested a $15 travel allowance if he wanted to judge one of our competitions. He was very gracious with us, unfortunately he couldn’t find the time in his busy schedule.

Verdict – I think we all enjoyed the day and learnt something to go with it.

Illusion – 29-September-2011

Our September competition night has been run and won.  For something different, we had a guest judge – Lindsay Poland from the City Cross Camera House.

What makes Lindsay different?  While he has vast experience in the photographic industry worldwide, this was his first night judging at a club meeting (in South Australia at least!).  I for one enjoyed his enthusiasm and different view on certain aspects (such as print presentation) .

As for the theme of the night, it was Illusion (as the dictionary says: unreal image, deceptive appearance, trick or fallacy – all in this image is not what it seems).  We had an excellent set of images on display for the night, with the scoring close.  To check out our top Digital images, be sure to check out our Digital Entries Page



A Morning At The Nelumbo Pond

Lotus flower

Lotus Flower - Matt Carr

Ahhh, the serenity. Nothing like a morning walk through the Botanical Gardens. The birds chirping. The wind whistling through the branches. The rapid click of a camera shutter. The desperate cry of a distressed photographer. “Damn Duck Poo….”

Saturday morning saw the first (informal) outing of the year for members of the Blackwood Photographic Club. Matt, Chris, James and Ashley all ventured to a very quiet Adelaide Botanical Gardens, to see whether they could get some worth while photo’s of the Flowering Lotus.  I don’t know whether it was the bike race or simply a Saturday morning, but it was blissfully quiet!

Anyhow, you be the judge to see whether they shot anything worthwhile!  (Click on the pictures to open them)

Green Spider - James Allan Lotus Flower - James Allan James - Ashley Hoff Adelaide Botanic Gdns - Flower 2 - Ashley Hoff Noisy Miner Bird - Chris Schultz Lotus flower and bees - Chris Schultz

If you want to check out some more of our images from the morning, make sure that you check our flickr group  – Blackwood Photography Club On Flickr

Don’t forget that if anyone has an idea for an outing, please let any of the committee members know.



Welcome To Our New Website!

Hi, and Welcome to the Blackwood Photographic Club of SA Inc’s new website!

DANGER!Broken RockParrot Orchid 2Superb Wren - FemaleBlue flower

After many hours of work, we are finally live with our fresh new look.  For those of you who have visited our website before, you will find lots of new content.  If you are a regular visitor, you will also find that changes under the hood have enable us to more readily keep this content dynamic.   We have incorporated new galleries (including links to our clubs Flickr group, where the above pictures come from) and lots of information for both old, new and prospective members.

Thanks to all who have assisted in getting this site up and running, especially Chris, who had many bright new ideas and ways to get them to work!

Welcome And Enjoy!