We Saw Red! – 9-May-2013


Graham Field_Astrid in Red

Whilst it was intended that we see a lot of Red on May 9th it could be said that there was more of this than expected.  Judge Anne Emmett’s comments led to much animated discussion after the night where 115 prints and projected images, many in the Set Subject of “Red”, were scrutinised and criticised.    Anne focused on the technical, pointing out how flat lighting, distracting elements and borders, images cut in half and lack of saturation could all spoil a photograph. Regarding saturation, she acknowledged that projected images could look very different on the screen to how they appear on our computer at home – a factor that a few of us have wrestled with over the years. (Hint: increase saturation and decrease brightness a little for Projected Images!) She also urged us to make sure we look for a different angle, to avoid taking the ‘standard’ shot and raised the question of whether a photograph has greater value if it was difficult to take.  It was again great to see new members braving the competition with some appearing among the top scoring images.  It was also good to see some very creative work with a number of people “thinking outside the box.’’ Hopefully we’ll continue to see a range of photographic styles, people being willing to experiment and try new genres and remember that we’re here to enjoy our photography and learn from one another.

To see the Top Scoring Images visit our Top Scoring Prints and Top Scoring Digital Images pages.

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  1. Wayne R. Gallasch \(GMV Productions\)

    Thanks Chris for the great Lightroom lecture last night. I got a lot out of it and will be practicing with it every day now.

    Best regards,

    Wayne Gallasch

    24/05/2013 at 10:00 am