Emotions Ran High! Sept. 26th 2013

Jo Tabe_Untitled  Artistic handling of a studio shot by Jo Tabe

When the prearranged judge called in sick a couple of days before the competition, (hope you’re feeling better David!) emotions ran high as the committee debated what to do.  Should we swap with a Peer Review?  Should we have some form of Community Judging? Should we run around in circles like a chook with it’s head cut off?  The decision was not final until moments before the competition was to begin, when Alberto Giurelli, who had just signed up as a new member, (welcome Alberto!) kindly offered to be our judge for the evening.

The set subject of “Emotions” brought out some beautiful and engaging images, while the Open section was again well represented.  Alberto judged with enthusiasm and a refreshingly positive outlook, talking about what part of an image spoke to him, what he thought the author was probably trying to communicate as well as technical aspects that were either well handled or could use improvement.  He sprinkled his comments with welcome humour, survived being heckled by the crowd and overall helped to make the evening a positive experience for exhibitors.  There was an impressive range of images of a high standard and it was great to see a couple of members braving the competition when they have been more reticent in the past, and doing quite well. The fact that there were relatively fewer entries than usual meant there was more time to chat and enjoy the images when the judging was completed.

By the end of the evening I think the emotions were mostly happiness and relief, with no sign of the angst and confusion that had been trying to get a foothold earlier in the week.  Thank you to Chris (El ex-presidente) for handling the rearrangement of the evening (while new President Ashley had escaped to Singapore  😉 ) and to Alberto for filling the breach in a positive and generous manner.


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Helen Whitford 😉


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