Found! February 13th 2014

Steve Wallace_Links from the Past_Set

Steve Wallace_Links from the Past_Set

On February 13th we found ourselves viewing Found Objects, although not a huge number, as only around a quarter of the prints were in the Set Subject category.  James Allan led the way with a number images of shed animal skins of varying types.  In Projected images the breakdown between Set and Open was roughly 50/50.  It was great to see a total of 18 members represented in our first competition for the year.  Congratulations to Alberto Giurelli who threw down the challenge in his new club, receiving three of the four 10’s that were awarded for the night! Well done to Chris Schultz for bagging the other one!

Our judge Vicki Easom, from Port Adelaide Club, took a consistent and quite positive approach,  giving a few tips along the way.  Thanks for your efforts Vicki!

The range of genres and styles certainly made interesting viewing and some members are showing real creativity in their handling and processing of images.  It looks like we’re in for a challenging and inspirational year!

To see the Top Scoring Images visit our Top Digital and Top Print pages.

Here’s to an exciting and productive 2014!


Helen 🙂

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