Minilimist, Milinimist……Minimalist…got it! – June 4th

Jennifer Williams_On Reflection_Set

Jennifer Williams_On Reflection_Set

Minimalist Landscape ….tricky to say, even harder to define and apparently almost impossible to actually select pictures for which truly fit the category!

Perhaps we needed to go back to school and have a lesson on what a Minimalist Landscape is! We created a bit of a headache for judge, Suzanne Opitz, in trying to decide which images were “in category” and which were not, as only around half of the images submitted for the set subject truly qualified as both “minimalist” and “landscape”!  Jennifer Williams nailed it with “On Reflection”, and Huw Rosser dabbling in the waters of the Novice section with “On the Edge”, taught us a lesson in Minimalism.

Huw Rosser_On the Edge_Set

Huw Rosser_On the Edge_Set

Suzanne seemed relieved each time a section switched from Minimalist Landscape to the Open category (and not just because “minimalist” is a bit of a tongue twister). Then her self-confessed penchant for vignetting and cropping came out as she urged us to get in tighter and darken our edges.

It was great to see some newer members venturing into competition and other members demonstrating their developing processing skills.

Click on the links to see the rest of the Top Prints and Top Projected Images.

We might have struggled with Minimalist Landscape, but I predict we’ll all be experts on the next set subject – “The 7 Deadly Sins” 🙂




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