To Market, to market!


Sam Savage

With the challenge of an upcoming competition entitled ’50 Shades Of Orange’, eighteen of us headed into the Adelaide Central Market on Friday January 20 to see what we could photograph, orange or otherwise.

Those who attended were provided, prior to the night, with two articles on how to photograph an indoor market, one by James Allan and another by Bruce Nankivell. Before entering the market those who needed technical assistance were helped out by willing participants including Mark Pedlar and our thanks goes to these members. In future we’ll be looking to provide this sort of assistance for every excursion and asking various members to help.

The Adelaide Central Market is always a busy place on a Friday night and even more so when the city is busy with the Tour Down Under (TDU).  Some of our group even ventured to the TDU Village to broaden their night’s activities as you’ll see.

The lighting in an indoor market present a whole raft of challenges for a photographer. One of our participants made the following comment: “With my camera I was not able to take many photos of patrons at cafes due to the low lights and needed to adjust my ISO’s continually due to different lighting throughout the area.  I am amazed at how many different ways ‘orange’ can be used from signs, clothes, food, lights, flowers, cars and many more.  The challenge is to make them interesting.” From the images shown here I think we did a pretty good job, so nice work everyone and thanks for coming along.

Our next excursion will be to the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens on Sunday March 5, which Tariq will give us all the details on when it gets closer.



Chris Schultz


Mark Pedlar


Bruce Nankivell – market life

Lollipop Lollipop......

Chris Schultz – Lollipop…Lollipop


Libby More


Bruce Nankivell – Can I be of service?


Judy Sara – Ripe Mango


Robyn Due


Gloria Brumfield



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