Peer Review/Critique Nights are Evolving!

Have you attended a BPC Peer Review this year?  If not you may not be aware of the changes.  The format has evolved in response to feedback at the end of 2016 and now takes the form of round-table, small group discussion where everyone  has the opportunity to voice their thoughts in a non-threatening environment.

We’ve discussed features to look for in an image, placing Impact, Emotion, Story-telling and use of Light ahead of the technical aspects (Composition, Focus, Exposure etc.).  We still offer the opportunity for members to ask for feedback on specific aspects of their image and to compare images eg. “Is this image better in colour or mono?”, “Which works better, the low angle or the high angle?”

I asked this week which people preferred out of this “straight out of camera” shot and a different image taken on the same night which has been edited.  It was interesting to hear the outcome!

Under the Milky Way – Straight out of Camera

Under the Milky way II – Different image, edited

We’ve also dedicated Peer Review nights to either Prints OR Projected Images to ensure that everyone gets to have at least one or two of their images viewed.  The next Peer Review night on August 3rd will be Prints Only and everyone is encouraged to bring along at least one print, more if you have them, to share with other club members.  The discussion over images has been very animated, thoughtful and has provided useful feedback to those who have shared while inspiring others to have a go at different ideas and techniques presented.

As an added point of interest we’ve introduced a brief presentation at the start of the night where a specific technique may be discussed or famous photographer presented.  This time Chris gave us an insight into the work of Trent Parke, challenging us to change our perception of photography and art. You can see the presentation in El Presidente’s Musings.

So if you haven’t been to a Peer Review for a while come and check out the new format and take advantage of the chance to share your images and receive genuine, constructive feedback.  🙂





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