Amended Programme due to Covid 19

Attention Members:  there will be changes to our activities but we will attempt to have something happening online in which you can participate at or around the time of each scheduled meeting.

Details on how each of these activities will run will be emailed to all members shortly.

Peer Review/Critique Sessions will happen using our group pages in Flickr and/or Facebook, starting on April 9th.

Competitions will still be held on the scheduled nights and have the Set Subject as per the programme although the format will be different.  Start preparing to enter up to three Colour Digital entries and up to three Monochrome Digital entries (in the usual digital format) for the “Social Documentary” competition on April 23rd.  They can be split between Set Subject and Open in the usual way.  Competition entry instructions will be emailed to all members.

We will make new plans for other meetings when guest speakers and workshops were scheduled.  If you have any suggestions or questions please contact Julie or Judy at

In the meantime, let’s view self isolation at home as an opportunity to sort out our disorganised photos or practise our still life, table top, creative, flower, insect, pet and portrait photography! (Self-portraits if you live alone!)

We may not be able to see each other but we can still support one another in these strange and daunting times!



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