Curves and Angles – Competition July 14th 2022

With over 100 entries this was by far our biggest competition so far this year, with Curves and Angles proving to be a popular Set Subject.

Judge, Robert Dettman, was impressed with James Allan’s style, with many of the top scores going his way including for Canoe Sculpture, The Savage House, Remember Dr Duncan and Curves and Lines in the Set Subject.

With many places where curves and angles can be found there were a good variety of subjects, though architecture dominated.

Judy Sara’s Unfurling showed the simplicity and beauty of a new fern frond and Different Structures showcased contrasting architectural shapes.  Ray Goulter’s Dawn – Elliston challenged the judge, Di Gage highlighted the well-known curves of the Opera House, David Hancock took the Footbridge and Sam Savage showed an iconic French landmark.

Others to do well included Sheila Gatehouse’s Blue Steel Angles, David Hancock’s Curve Net and Across the Chasm, Meredith Retallack’s Stark Contrasts and Gordon Lindqvist’s Iconic Bridge. Judy Sara was the most successful entrant in the Set Subject with Decorating the Cake, Autoclave, Palace of Charles V and Windows to the Courtyard also faring well.

In Open, Michael Holmes joined the ranks of members with top photos with Happy Honey Eater and Portrait of Daisy

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    Nice images 🙂 congratulations to all!

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