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An Iconic Australian Christmas

An Iconic Australian Christmas

Play Dough Reindeers

Merry Christmas all.

I have just added an article to camera clips.  A look at images on the theme of making an iconic Australian Christmas image.  I wish you all well in the Christmas season.


December 2019


I have just posted the¬†December edition of Camera clips.¬† This is our end of year edition and includes images and explanations¬† of the¬†top images from our annual end of year competition.¬† The Banner is derived from one of the entries,¬† ‚Äúinvitation to siesta‚ÄĚ by Paul Hughes.¬† Note we are still receiving submissions for the top images article, so don’t panic if you are a bit slow in responding to the request.

Also we have quizzes.  We have a brand new macro quiz.   Can you identify familiar objects from their close ups?  I have also posted the Camera clips quiz from the final meeting, along with links to the respective articles, so you can brush up on your camera clips facts.

Lastly a travel log from the red centre.

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy this months articles.  Don’t forget the 31 day challenge is still on, but has moved to January this year.  For those who haven’t done this previously, you are required to take a photo every day for 31 days and post them on the club Flickr page.  It’s OK to post even if you miss a day here or there.  It adds to the fun of the exercise to have as many posting as possible.  Previously we have done this challenge in December.  I look forward to seeing your Summer snaps.


October Camera Clips

Spot of colour - BPC

This edition features banners based on excellent spot colour photographs by Suzie Smith and Mark Pedlar.  We have articles of travel to Borneo (Helen Whitford), Iceland (Duart McLean) and Scotland (Di Gage). Lastly we have a book review of a bird photographer, David Tipling.  I trust that you will enjoy this months Camera Clips.

Here is the link.  October Camera Clips

August Camera Clips is released

Misty sunrise in McLaren vale colour

BPC Art Deco Logo BranchI have been fortunate to score articles from Di Gage, Judy Sara, Mark Pedlar, Howard Seaman and Chris Schultz this month.¬† I have all of the information presented at the recent Spot colour workshop.¬† Howard and I swap RAW files to demonstrate how we would manipulate each others images.¬† Chris talks about Accidental Renaissance.¬† The Banner above is by Suzie Smith from the “lit from Behind” competition.¬† All you could want and more from this months Camera Clips.

I trust you will enjoy this months edition.  This is the link


May in June 2019


I am dreadfully late putting out the May edition of Camera clips.  Above, the banner is an image of Victoria Falls by Kerry Malec.  This appeared in our Elements competition and the element in this case was water.

In this edition ‚ÄstConcept Photography¬†‚ÄstThe elements¬†‚ÄstNegative Space¬†‚ÄstSmoke Photography¬†‚ÄstStavros Pippos.

I have included articles that were written before the elements competition to stimulate ideas, and again I apologize that they are being published after the event.  Regardless have a read and let me know what you think.  I have received very positive reviews about some of the camera clips articles from last edition.  Thank you to those who have taken the time to give me feedback.

Regards James