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August 2020 Camera Clips

Southern CrossWindmill Banner

Yes both the wind power, and the letters and number competitions took place in the last month.¬† The Banner above comes from the wind powered competition.¬† In this edition of camera clips we also have a write up of Howard Seaman’s workshop, 3 of the travelogue topics; Pildappa rocks,¬†Rogues point¬†and¬†The Lavender trail and an explanation of Community judging.¬† The answers are not blowing in the wind, they are buzzing in the ether.¬† So check out this months edition of Camera Clips.

James Allan

Camera Clips – The Black Edition ‚Äď June 2020

Black Cat Banner 1a

Welcome ‚Äď Black is back.¬† We have recently had our black competition.¬† I have just released the Black edition of Camera Clips.¬† Paul Hughes’ “Black Cat” features above as our Banner.¬† All of the images along with a summary are now on display on the club web page.¬† In this edition I include¬†notes from the Product Photography tutorial.¬† Ray has described another classic 35mm film camera,¬†the Pentacon Pentina.¬† Ray has written about¬†photographic collections.¬† I was surprised to discover that there was a valuable photographic collection in my own family, that of¬†W.C. Brooker.¬† Hope you enjoy the read.


April Camera Clips has been released

April 2020 Camera Clips

A13. David Hancock_There is always Someone .Banner

The Stuck at Home edition of Camera Clips has just been released. The Covid virus has affected everything we do.

We have articles on Low Key Photography, Developing Slides, Carol Jerrems and a tribute to Reg Connolly who passed in April this year.  My condolences to Heather and her family.

Here is the link to this months edition.  I hope to get onto the June edition shortly.  Keen for any contributions you may have to offer.


Low Key Photography

Camera clips has an article on Low Key Photography:

February Camera Clips is out.

February 2020

Paul Hughes - Benjy on the beach Banner

What a start to the year.¬† We have undertaken the 31 day challenge in January.¬† This year we have had unprecedented bushfires destroying property and taking lives.¬† The club year started with our first two scheduled competitions and a workshop and now we find ourselves in Covid 19 shutdown.¬† This edition of the newsletter represents all of the activities we undertook before the Covid shut down.¬†¬†We have 2 articles from the¬†double exposure workshop, a photoessay from the¬†31 day challenge¬†and an¬†original article by Vicki Kramer.¬† I hope you enjoy these articles.¬†¬†Next edition will be the ‚ÄúStuck at home‚ÄĚ edition.


An Iconic Australian Christmas

An Iconic Australian Christmas

Play Dough Reindeers

Merry Christmas all.

I have just added an article to camera clips.  A look at images on the theme of making an iconic Australian Christmas image.  I wish you all well in the Christmas season.


December 2019


I have just posted the¬†December edition of Camera clips.¬† This is our end of year edition and includes images and explanations¬† of the¬†top images from our annual end of year competition.¬† The Banner is derived from one of the entries,¬† ‚Äúinvitation to siesta‚ÄĚ by Paul Hughes.¬† Note we are still receiving submissions for the top images article, so don’t panic if you are a bit slow in responding to the request.

Also we have quizzes.  We have a brand new macro quiz.   Can you identify familiar objects from their close ups?  I have also posted the Camera clips quiz from the final meeting, along with links to the respective articles, so you can brush up on your camera clips facts.

Lastly a travel log from the red centre.

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy this months articles.  Don’t forget the 31 day challenge is still on, but has moved to January this year.  For those who haven’t done this previously, you are required to take a photo every day for 31 days and post them on the club Flickr page.  It’s OK to post even if you miss a day here or there.  It adds to the fun of the exercise to have as many posting as possible.  Previously we have done this challenge in December.  I look forward to seeing your Summer snaps.


October Camera Clips

Spot of colour - BPC

This edition features banners based on excellent spot colour photographs by Suzie Smith and Mark Pedlar.  We have articles of travel to Borneo (Helen Whitford), Iceland (Duart McLean) and Scotland (Di Gage). Lastly we have a book review of a bird photographer, David Tipling.  I trust that you will enjoy this months Camera Clips.

Here is the link.  October Camera Clips

August Camera Clips is released

Misty sunrise in McLaren vale colour

BPC Art Deco Logo BranchI have been fortunate to score articles from Di Gage, Judy Sara, Mark Pedlar, Howard Seaman and Chris Schultz this month.¬† I have all of the information presented at the recent Spot colour workshop.¬† Howard and I swap RAW files to demonstrate how we would manipulate each others images.¬† Chris talks about Accidental Renaissance.¬† The Banner above is by Suzie Smith from the “lit from Behind” competition.¬† All you could want and more from this months Camera Clips.

I trust you will enjoy this months edition.  This is the link


May in June 2019


I am dreadfully late putting out the May edition of Camera clips.  Above, the banner is an image of Victoria Falls by Kerry Malec.  This appeared in our Elements competition and the element in this case was water.

In this edition ‚ÄstConcept Photography¬†‚ÄstThe elements¬†‚ÄstNegative Space¬†‚ÄstSmoke Photography¬†‚ÄstStavros Pippos.

I have included articles that were written before the elements competition to stimulate ideas, and again I apologize that they are being published after the event.  Regardless have a read and let me know what you think.  I have received very positive reviews about some of the camera clips articles from last edition.  Thank you to those who have taken the time to give me feedback.

Regards James

Mad March 2019


This edition of Camera Clips is late.  I apologize to the authors who had their articles submitted quite early in the piece.  (Banner above by Helen Whitford)  There has been a lot happening in the club.  We have had the architecture competition, an invitation to hear Ken Duncan speak and we have hosted Stavros Pippos.  There has been a peer review night and an excursion.  Make sure you catch up on the events in  this months edition of camera clips.  We also have articles from Helen Whitford, Ray Goulter and myself.  Here is the link: March 2019 Camera Clips.


James Allan

Start of the year 2019

2019 january banner architecture

Welcome to¬†2019.¬† I have pulled together the¬†January edition of Camera clips.¬† In case you missed the recent events, this is your chance to see what happened in the¬†31 day challengeand the¬†Architecture excursion.¬† There are two additional articles, ‚Äúperspective in photography‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúSteve McCurry‚Äú.¬† ¬†Useful reading for the upcoming Architecture competition.¬† Keep cool as the warm weather hits.¬† Hope to see you in the coming weeks.

James Allan

August 2018 Camera Clips

Clown Banner2

Hi All,

It always seems a surprise to me when I complete each edition of camera clips.  Well I have done it again.  This edition has an article by Anthony Kernich on airport photography.  We have images from the recent excursions to McLaren Vale and Rundle Mall.  Ursula Prucha a prolific photographer when I first joined the club has recently passed away after a period of poor health. In this edition I have showcased a selection of her images, including the banner above.  There is an article on David Hockney and on HDR processing with the NIK HDR pro software.  And there is more.  Have fun exploring this months contributions.

To go to this edition – click here.


June Camera Clips

Tao Dancers BannerI have just this moment released June Camera Clips.   I have been experimenting with a different look this month.  I am using the banners as navigational tools rather than the hyperlinks in the text.  Accordingly every article get’s it’s own banner.  Most of the banners are sourced from the club competition on the theme street photograpy.  (see the article from Chris below)

We have two articles from Judy Sara, on Macro Photography and on the Tailem Bend excursion.¬† Ray Goulter has an explanation of¬†¬†the Johnson ‚ÄúCutplate‚ÄĚ Developing Tank¬†.¬† Frances Allan has described the creation of a rather impressive product photograph.¬† I give Google sights map a test run, and lastly a short explanation of solarisation.

Well worth the time reading.  Here is the link to this edition.

Regards James

Wildlife Update

Eastern Banner

This mid cycle edition pf Camera Clips is designed to deal with aspects of the upcoming Wildlife competition.

Last Sunday I attended the wildlife excursion to Belair National park.  Most of the group were out orchid hunting, but Bruce and I had a lot of fun chasing birds.  Have a look at the gallery to see the results.

Several discussions arose over coffee.  The rules of wildlife competitions were discussed.  What is the correct ethic?  No Photoshop? No evidence of the hand of man?  Almost but not quite.  Have a read for yourself.  I have a copy of the International Federation of Photographic Art, nature and wildlife rules that have recently been adopted by the Australian Photographic Society.  Mark Pedlar asked participants to refer to these rules when entering this competition.

We also discussed¬†camera setting needed to manage a telephoto lens¬†to take hand held bird photos . ¬†It is called ‚ÄúDriving a big Lens.‚ÄĚ ¬†I struggled with this dilema and eventually wrote an article back in 2013. ¬†So rather than rewrite the article I have republished¬†this August 2013 ¬†newsletter¬†on the webpage for anyone who might also be struggling through this problem.

I hope these articles will prove helpful.

Return to Port Willunga

Yvonne Sears Light BallIt is nearly 4 and a half years since we had an excursion to Port Willunga. ¬†You can see the image gallery in the May 2013 Camera Clips. ¬† The image above is by Yvonne Sears. ¬†Now it’s time to do it again. ¬†But how do you cast a new light on a familiar subject? ¬†We are going to try light painting. ¬†I have made some notes about our previous experience.

We will meet at the Star of Greece restaurant car park at 4,30pm on Sunday 2nd July.  I expect the sun to set around 5.30 and dusk to last until around 6.45pm.  After that the sky will not be dark until the half moon sets at around 12.30am.  If there are no opportunities for star photos I will be leaving around 7pm.  Remember there may be up to an hour of travel time.  It is worth sharing a ride with club members who live near you.

What to bring: Camera and lens Рstandard to wide angle, tripod, remote release, torches, light painting equipment if you have any.  You will need warm clothing and sturdy shoes.  You may want to eat before or after the exercise.

I am sure you will enjoy this excursion.  Hope to see you there.

May 2017 Camera Clips

Black Aventador banner-1

The May Newsletter has been published.

This edition is packed with ‚Äúhow to do‚ÄĚ tips, for star photography, workflow, photographing flying birds, light painting and Seascapes. ¬†In the last month we had a brief presentation on art photography. ¬†The quotes from the presentation can all be found here. ¬†There is also an article on the Australian art photographer Bill Hensen. ¬†Have you been to zed ward? ¬†This edition has a description of the Victorian era criminal assylum. ¬†Lastly Ray has another fascinating camera that he explores. ¬†It‚Äôs all in Camera clips. ¬†Check it out now.


April 2017 Edition of Camera Clips is now out

Ashley Banner

I am pleased to announce the April edition of Camera Clips has been released.  The emphasis has been on three things.  The excursion to the Birdwood motor museum, the workshop on image preparation and lastly I have told the story of my Bird watching trip in East Africa.  Frances and I had a great time.  Thanks once again to the various authors.  I am sure you will enjoy this edition.


Rock and Roll Rendezvous

Ashley 8
When: Sunday April 9

Where: The Rock And Roll Rendezvous, The National Motor Museum, Shannon St, Birdwood SA 5234

Cost: There will be an entry cost of $25 per adult…..

FYI РAshley has provided some photography tips.    Click here to take you to the Camera Clips article.

And Click here to see the pictures from the day.


February 2017 Camera Clips

Posted on by


The year has started and we have another edition of Camera Clips.  I have been away and I apologize that this is a lean edition of our magazine.  None the less I am grateful to the authors who have written articles, and we have some great tips from Bruce Nankivell, Helen Whitford, Tariq Mohammad Abdul.  I also draw your attention to Mark Pedlar who has written 2 excellent articles that have been released on the club web page.

Once again, I hope you enjoy this edition.

James ‚Äď Editor

Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens Excursion ‚Äď Tips by Tariq Mohammad Abdul


The second outing for 2017 has been arranged by Tariq, Bruce and Ron.

“I am sure most of you have already been to Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens numerous times, but there is always something new to shoot. Given the theme is ‚ÄúStraight from the camera‚ÄĚ also known as SOOC (pronounced ‚ÄúSouq‚ÄĚ), we have got a limitless range to shoot. From birds, flowers, trees, lakes, landscapes, to macro shots of insects.”

Here are the details:

  • Sunday, March 5th at 11:00 am,
  • 270 C mostly sunny (bring suncream ‚ėļ)
  • Meet at lower car park, 11 Lampert Rd, Crafers SA 5152
  • Linked to the ‚ÄúStraight from the camera‚ÄĚ Competition on March 16th
  • Required pre-reading – Tariq has written an article with tips.¬†Link to article
  • RSVP to Tariq, Bruce or¬†Ron


December 2016 Camera Clips

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I have finally put together the December Camera Clips.   I have received contributions from  most entrants in the end of year competition.  It is good to read the story behind the photos.  This is often the best work from the year for those who enter.

Also I have been given permission to publish the report from the sub-committee.  This is a wide ranging review of the club and the opinions of its members.  There has been a lot of work that has gone into this document and it is worth reading to see what the final conclusions have been.

Finally I have been working on a series of articles to try and answer (at least in my own mind) issues that were raised during the year.

Hope you enjoy the final edition for 2016.

Regards James

September edition of Camera Clips


This is an early edition of Camera clips.  Fortunately I have been given enough material to post early this month.  Camera Clips in my mind is a club magazine because it reflects the knowledge and views of our club members.  If you have a point of view, a beef, write to me and I will publish your experiences and ideas.  We accept that there is diversity of experience and we aim not to have an editorial bias.

Here is the link.

So this is what I have to offer you this month.  How to take portraits with Holi powder.  Burning steel wool.  Madagascar and East Africa. The changing face of Singapore, a light pollution map of South Australia and of course photos from our club excursions to Para Wirra and City to Bay.  Of course that is a very quick run through.  Go and have a read for yourself.  Quite a diverse offering this month.  I have enjoyed putting this together.


August Camera Clips


I have just published the ¬†August Camera Clips. ¬†The banner this month comes from Ron Hassan, ‚ÄúA lovely time of day‚ÄĚ. ¬†This was an open entry from¬†the August (people at work) photo competition. ¬† ¬†I suspect it is an image from his recent trip to North America. ¬†I have also¬†collected¬†articles from¬†Helen Whitford (Tips on zoo photography) and Eric Budworth (Digicam control ‚Äď free software that will run your camera) as well as myself (Focus stacking using digicam control, Phone Apps for photographers and Art Photography ‚Äď quotes from the art photographers). ¬†Lastly I have compiled¬†a photo essay¬†of images from the successful zoo excursion.

It has been a busy month in the club so have a look at what we have been up to.  I hope you enjoy this edition.