Blackwood Photographic Club Annual Exhibition 2021

Our Annual Exhibition was held on Thursday November 18th with a good turn-out of members to celebrate our achievements for the year.

It was great to see some different faces among the award recipients, including Sheila Gatehouse who won Top Colour Print with Lily, Ray Goulter with Top PDI, Lillies after Rain and Heather Connolly with the Top Album Print, Wanderer Feeding. Judy Sara’s Spoonbill Perching was the Top Monochrome Print and also earned the Nature Award. Judy also did extremely well in Aggregates!

The Australian Landscape Award was won by Steve Wallace with Lindsay Waterhole and the Portrait Award went to Parry by Frances Allan.

The awards were presented by Julie Goulter, the club’s president.
The full list of awards was as follows:

Projected Digital Images

1st  Hutt St Photos Award – Ray Goulter – Lillies after Rain

2nd  Vicki Kramer – Hear the Little People

3rd  Sam Savage – Screech

Merit   James Allan – Wood Duck Nesting

Merit  Heather Connolly – Magpie Lark

Merit  Paul Hughes – Much Easier after Covid

Click HERE to see a video presentation of all the projected digital image entries.

Aggregate – PDIs

1st Photographic Wholesalers Award – Judy Sara

2nd James Allan

=3rd  Vicky Kramer & Jenny Pedlar

Monochrome Prints

1st Judy Sara – Spoonbill Perching

2nd Frances Allan – Pimelia

3rd Di Gage – On the Prowl

Merit – Frances Allan – Parry

Merit – Judy Sara – Poppy

Aggregate – Monochrome Prints

1st Blackwood Times Award – Judy Sara

2nd James Allan

3rd  Vicki Kramer

Colour Prints

1st Fotoswift Award – Sheila Gatehouse – Lily

2nd Sam Savage – Beautiful Firetail

3rd Judy Sara – Up, Up and Away!

Merit  Di Gage – Coming in for a Landing

Merit  Steve Wallace – Lindsay Waterhole

Merit   Helen Whitford – Bee, Mama!

Merit  Helen Whitford – Cormorant Preening

Aggregate Colour Prints

1st Blackwood Photographic Club Award – Judy Sara

2nd James Allan

3rd Vicki Kramer

Album Prints

1st Ege Malpas Award- Heather Connolly – Wanderer Feeding

2nd Sheila Gatehouse – Sean

3rd Helen Whitford – Willie Wagtail

Merit   Sheila Gatehouse – Sunflower

Aggregate – Album Prints

1st Vicki Kramer

2nd Helen Whitford

3rd Heather Connolly

Landscape Award – Steve Wallace – Lindsay Waterhole

Nature Award – Judy Sara – Spoonbill Perching

Portrait Award – Frances Allan –  Parry

Thank you to our judges, Brad Hodge, Suzanne Opitz AFIAP AAPS and Peter Barrien EFIAP FAPS.

Service Awards

Di Gage was presented the Bill Templer award for service to the club.

Julie thanked the following people for their assistance throughout the year.

Birds in Nature – Competition October 21st 2021

The Set Subject of Birds in Nature joined Head and Shoulders Portrait as our most popular this year, each accounting for over 70% of entries respectively.  This demonstrates where our photographic passion lies!

Still, only 12 members entered the competition and it would be great to see more members enter the fray!

There were some stunning photographs with beautiful captures of birds in action – flying, feeding, calling and interacting but images of birds simply perching and resting were also impressive.

Don was impressed overall with the standard of our bird photography and loved Judy Sara’s Fish Dinner, Screeching Seriema, Spoonbill Perching, Landed, Wren Huddle and Cape Grassbird.

Frances Allan demonstrated a talent for capturing the moment and the light and was rewarded by judge, Don Brooks, with multiple 10s.  Her Splendid Wren in How Splendid wowed everybody and The Smile made everybody smile, despite Shoebills being an “ugly” bird according to the judge and Art Deco Eyes was something a little different.

Di Gage’s Coming in for a Landing, Eastern Yellow Robin and Fairy Wren, Helen Whitford’s Am I Welcome?, Bee, Mama!, Cormorant Preening and Lori, James Allan’s Tell the Truth, Hope to Die, Ansty Osprey and Feeding Time, Sam Savage’s On the Move and Screech and Sheila Gatehouse’s Fairy Wren in the Rain rounded out the Set Subject high scores.

There were also some beautiful photographs among those which didn’t make the top scores as the competition in this Set Subject was fierce.  And I haven’t even mentioned the Open category!

For all of the high scoring images, including Open Section photographs, go to Top Prints and Top Projected Digital Images

Love Story – Competition Sept 24th 2021

This competition saw an almost equal number of entries in the set subject and open categories. Members’ interpretations of the subject was quite varied, with many images depicting love between animals as well as humans.

Vicki Kramer’s entries were all in the set subject, with Labour of Love, Loving Sons Bidding Farewell and Twins Love among the top scoring images.

Paul Hughes entered a collage, Walter and Doris, showing aspects of a couple’s loving life together.

Judy Sara’s Cormorant Love Story was a clever interpretation of the topic.

In the open category James Allan’s Landscape gained the top score. The Judge, Geoff Smith, was impressed with the composition and lighting; a great shot both technically and aesthetically.

James also had success with Dunes and Collapse of Greater Plains

Di Gage’s Fairy Wren and Sam Savage’s Morning Light were also among the top scoring images.

Copycat night

At the Peer review workshop next week we will be looking at imitation as a technique to unleash creativity. To kick off the discussion I would like you to look at these famous monochrome portraits, select an image and have a crack at emulating the style. Bring your images along to the workshop where we can discuss how it went. Regards James.

Not sure what to do? Here is an example.

Above is an image I took that was inspired by the famous image below.

I am interested to see what you all come up with. Regards James.

Zoom Burst – Competition August 12th 2021

Following our creative workshop on Zoom Burst last month we checked out some of the results and images inspired by the night in Thursday’s competition.  For the most part members were not keen to print these images, with few entries in Set Subject in the prints but in PDIs Set and Open were equally represented.

Judy Sara and James and Frances Allan were rewarded for their creativity with Banksia, Art Gallery, Zooming on Traffic on a Wet Night, City and Let’s Celebrate.

In Open, Vicki Kramer’s Outback Sunrise impressed judge, Peter Phillips, who felt that it took him straight into the Nullarbor.  We sincerely thank Peter for rushing his dessert, dropping everything and coming in at the last minute following a judging mix-up.  Peter gave positive, thoughtful commentary on each image with lots of helpful tips.

Judy, James and Frances continued to make an impact in Open with Inside the Poppy, Waterfall and  All things Citrus.

Click the links to see all of the Top Prints and Top Projected Digital Images.

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