2010 Digital Competition – Top images

Our top images (generally scored a 10) from the Set subject and Open sections from each competition are presented here. Currently, we are limiting this to digital, but hope to include the top images from each section soon.

Please peruse and enjoy the best images – judged by SAPF judges

JANUARY – Less than 200m from home


Fishing before storm – Gary Secombe (open)


Murray Panorama – Theo Prucha (open)

FEBRUARY – Contemplation


Second Thoughts – Roger Lancaster (set)

MARCH – Colour


Peaches on disk – Heather Connolly (set)


Backlit sunflower – Ursula Prucha (set)


Eskimo – Ursula Prucha (open)

APRIL – Song title


Autumn Leaves (Willie Nelson) – Chris Schultz (set)


Start-me-up (Rolling_Stones) – Chris Schultz (set)


sticks’n’rocks – Gary Secombe (open)

MAY – In the style of


Lilies (2) in the style of Monet – Matt Carr (set)


Royal circling in Bath (in the style of Rodchenko) – Chris Schultz (set)

JUNE – Machinery


Position down for carpets – Ashley Hoff (set)


Give it to Me!! – Gary Secombe (open)

JULY – Nature


Maiden Hair – Chris Schultz (set)


Brown Tree Frog – James Allan (set)


Eye spy – Matt Carr (set)


Grevillia with dew – Matt Carr (set)


White spotted cockatoo – Ursula Prucha (set)


Tulip #4A – Theo Prucha (open)


Balloon Burst by Dart – Eric Budworth (open)

August – Self Portrait


Threes a crowd – James Allan (set)


Fly – James Allan (open)

September – Motion


Morialta Big Splash – Adrian Hill (set)


Fairy Glen – Richard Wormald (set)


Bee and grevillia – Matt Carr (open)

October – Life on the streets

Sharing – Ursula Prucha (set)

The Waiting Game – Eric Budworth (set)

Christie\’s Creek at Dawn – Eric Budworth (open)

Crab spider and meal – Matt Carr (open)

Anticipation – Jim Trice (Editor\’s choice)

Bird of Paradise & Bee – Gary Secombe (Editor\’s choice)

Skater in Blue – James Allan (Editor\’s choice)

Busker – Alex Zapcev (Editor\’s choice)


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