2011 Digital Competition – Top images


Our top images (generally scored a 10) from the Set subject and Open sections from each competition are presented here. Currently, we are limiting this to digital, but hope to include the top images from each section soon.

There are also a few Editor’s Choice images – the benefits of being the web master! 😉

For those that visited these pages prior to 3-Feb-2011 in the hope of seeing the top image for 2011 – the time travellers have arrived! 😆

Please peruse and enjoy the best images – judged by SAPF judges (and some by the web master).

Please hover your mouse over the image to see the title and photographer – then click the image to see it full size.

3. Competition: Post Cards

Set subject
Open subject
Editor’s choice

3. Competition: Food Glorious Food!

Set section No 9s or 10s!
Open section
Alzheimers - Alex Zapcev Mum's taxi - Matt Carr
9231 - Gary Secombe Young Owl - John Vidgeon
Editor’s Choice
Set subject
Odd Man Out - Jim Trice Tomatoes - David Tulloch
Profiteroles - Chris Schultz
Moonscape - Jo Tabe Man vs Nature - Alex Zapcev
Onkaparinga Outlet - Adrian Hill Choices

31. Competition: Corrugations

Set subject
Corrugated Fan - Adrian Hill Corrugated drip line - David Tulloch Un-named Corregation (so as not to influence the judge) - James Allan
Open subject
Lemur - John Vidgeon
Editor’s choice
Low tide - Ursula Prucha Loaf - Yvonne Sears Corrugated Reflections - Jo Tabe
Post box - Chris Schultz 24 Carrot Corrugations - Eric Budworth Telephone Wire corrugation - Chris Schultz
Pure Lily - Helen Whitford He is fishing for something - Gary Secombe Sunset time - Ursula Prucha

28. Competition: Nature

Set subject
Bad Hair Day - John Vidgeon Bee on Yellow - Chris Schultz
New Holland Honeyeater - John Vidgeon Helen Whitford
Open subject
Strange Day - Gary Secombe Pull Hard - Richard Wormald

26. Competition: Yellow to dominate

Set subject

No 9s or 10s – top score was 8 for both of these
Golden glow - Chris Schultz (set) Lemon Yellow - Chris Schultz (set)

Open subject

Swan lake - Theo Prucha (open) Last day - Heather Connolly (open)
African waterlily - Ursula Prucha - (open) Vintage - Jo Tabe (open)

Editors Choice

Set subject

Hello Yellow - Ursula Prucha (set) First Colour - Reg Connolly (set)
Tacoma light - Helen Whitford (set)

Open subject

Its a Bird - Gary Secome (open) Light Painting 1 - James Allan - (open)
Not Quite Mirrored - Gary Secombe -(open)

23. Competition: Smaller than a breadbox

Set subject
Bearded Dragon - Helen Whitford Date & Time - Chris Schultz
Busted! - Jo Tabe Radiator Wings - Adrian Hill
Autumn colours - Yvonne Sears
Open subject
New Year's Eve in Sydney - Theo Prucha A splash of colour - Yvonne Sears
Grill - Gary Secombe Fascinated - Helen Whitford
Show time - Ursula Prucha Kite Surfer - Jo Tabe
Porsche - John Vidgeon
Editors Choice
Sunrise Over Redhill South Australia - Adrian Hill What's Up - Helen Whitford
Barbed Wire - James Allan Bridge - Chris Schultz

21. Competition: The Concept is Three

Set subject
3 Glasses - John Vidgeon Triple Word Score - Adrian Hill
3 stages of a ladybug - Jo Tabe
Open subject
Pali panorama - Eric Budworth Rain Droplets 1- James Allan
Gentle sunrise - Reg Connolly Two Pelicans 2 - Eric Budworth
Argument Bridge - Gary Secombe Tranquil canal boat - Theo Prucha
Flinders Ranges @ Dusk - Adrian Hill
Editors Choice
Set subject
Thirsty Three - Helen Whitford Three of many kinds - Chris Schultz
Open subject
Seen Better Days - Gary Secombe Iron Knob Ore Train - Adrian Hill

18. Competition: Abstract

Set subject
Kia - Adrian Hill (set) Layers - John Vidgeon (Set)
Orbs in the Forest - James Allan (Set) Big Red - Yvonne Sears (set)
The Bee Hive - Adrian Hill (set) Essence of Gaudi - Helen Whitford (set)
Open subject
Got a Comb - Gary Secombe (Open) Its Different - Gary Secombe (Open)
Still water - Heather Connolly (open) Spreewald tranquility #1 - Theo Prucha (open)
Editors Choice
Set subject
Blue - Helen Whitford (Set EC) Fresh Bark - Jim Trice (set EC)
Webbing - Chris Schultz (set EC)
Tidal - Heather Connolly (set EC) Crystal Colours - Jim Trice (set EC)
Abstract 003 - James Taylor (set EC) Splashes of colour - Chris Schultz (Set EC)
Dome - Jo Tabe (Set EC) Explosion - Eric Budworth (Set EC)
Red T - Chris Schultz (Set EC)
Open subject
Fruiting Bodies - Jim Trice (open EC) Surfing is fun - Ursula Prucha (open EC)
Sugar Loaf 3 - Mark Swain (Open EC)
Windmill evolution - Chris Schultz (Open EC)

29. Competition: Illusion

Set subject No 9s or 10s!
Silver Dolphin - Ursula (Set) Light Ball - Chris Schultz (Set)
Great Escape - Yvonne Sears (Set) Telstra Chimney - Chris Schultz (Set)
Sitting On A Wall - James Allan (Set) The Devil In The Sousaphone - Theo (Set)
Who Forgot To Feed The Bird - Theo
Open subject No 9s or 10s as well!
Thriving - Gary Secombe (Open) Mikkira Cottage - Jo Tabe (Open)
Surfers Paradise - Ursula (Open) Shed On the Rocks - John Vidgeon (Open)
Waiting For A Bite - John Vidgeon (Open) Pass The Watch Tower, Great Escape - Adrian Hill (Open)
Editors Choice
Set subject
She Can Dream Can't She? - Helen Whitford (EC....No she can't)

27. Competition: Reflections

Set subject
John Vidgeon - Jaguar Reflection James Allen - Parsons Beach
Heather Connolly - Calm Water John Vidgeon - Duck Reflection
Eric Budworth - Fig Reflections
Open subject
Helen whitford - Sloughing Eric Budworth - Window of Hope
Ursula Prucha - Lotus flower and seed pod
Editors Choice
Set Subject
Adrian Hill - Flinders Ranges @ Dusk James Allan - 2 Islands
Open subject
Jo Tabe - Conceding Defeat

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