2012 Print Competition – Top Images

Our top Print images (generally scored a 9 or 10) from the Album, Colour and Monochrome sections from each competition are presented here – as we promised last year. We haven’t split them into Set & Open categories – that’s in the title.

Please peruse and enjoy our best printed images – judged by SAPF and non-SAPF judges.

Please hover your mouse over the image to see the title and photographer – then click the image to see it full size.


2. Competition : Mitcham

Images captured in and depicting portions of the City of Mitcham. Images will be reviewed for possible inclusion in the club’s 2013 calendar and may be of interest to the city council

Album prints

Helen Whitford – Not this Little Black Duck! (Album prints – Open)

Helen Whitford – Mitcham Hills Landscape (Album prints – Set)

Helen Whitford – Buzzing In (Album prints – Open)

Colour prints

John Vidgeon – It Wasn’t Me (Colour prints – Open)

James Allan – Dragonfly (Colour prints – Open)

Helen Whitford – Tongue Twister (Colour prints – Open)

Helen Whitford – Hello Koala (Colour prints – Open)

Helen Whitford – Mitcham Bridge (Colour prints – Set)

Monochrome prints

James Allan – Keystone Bridge (Monochrome prints – Set)


1. Competition: Man versus Nature

Images demonstrating how we affect our environment – both natural and man made objects must be present.

Album prints
Colour prints
Monochrome prints

29. Competition: Book Title

At last a competition where the title is important. The image must portray the book title chosen. Images will be judged on photographic and artistic quality as well as relevance to the title.

Album prints
Eric Budworth - Gone with the Wind (album prints - set)
Colour prints
John Vidgeon - Puss in Boots (Colour prints - set) Eric Budworth - Memories of St Albans (Colour prints - set)
Hilary Thompson - The Magic of Nature with Ducks (Colour prints - set) Helen Whitford - Contemplation (Colour prints - open)
Melinda Hine - Butterfly (Colour prints - open)
Monochrome prints
Helen Whitford - Eat Pray Love (mono prints - set)
Chris Schultz - Guitar Man (Mono prints - set) Eric Budworth - Just Me (Mono prints - open)
Heather Connolly - Shadow in the sand (Monochrome prints - open) Chris Schultz - Happy eyes (Mono prints - open)


26. Competition : Transport

Show us interesting images of transport – trains, planes and automobiles as a minimum, but any other method of moving people around qualifies.

Album prints
Helen Whitford - Brother & Sister (Album prints - open) James Allan - 3 Ducks (Album prints - open)
Helen Whitford - After a Dip (Album prints - open)
Colour prints
Eric Budworth - Back Seat Driver (Colour prints - set) Richard Wormald - Your hair may get wet with this one (Colour prints - set)
Eric Budworth - Bow Tied (Colour prints - Set) John Vidgeon - Planes & Boats (Colour prints - open)
James Allan - Reflected in the rocket (Colour prints - set) Melinda Hine - Glenelg Jetty (Colour prints - open)
Eric Budworth - Puzzled (Colour prints -set)
Monochrome prints
James Allan -Lone surfer (Mono prints - open) James Allan - A very good year (Mono prints - set)
Eric Budworth - Line of Ka's (Mono prints - set)


24. Competition: Seen Better Days

The image will be dominated by someone or something which is old, dilapidated or decrepit.

Album prints
Helen Whitford - Fetch Boy (Album prints - Open) James Allan - Seen Better Days[Annus Horribilus] (Album prints - Set)
Helen Whitford - Morning Call (Album prints - Open) Helen Whitford - Shy and Sweet (Album prints - Open)
Colour prints
James Allan - Door Latch (Colour prints - set) Eric Budworth - No Chicken Tonight (Colour prints - Set)
Chris Schultz - The lights are out for good (Colour prints - Set) Helen Whitford -Sitting Pretty (Colour prints -Open)
John Vidgeon - Gull Portrait - (Colour prints -Open) John Vidgeon - View Onkaparinga (Colour Prints - Open)
Monochrome prints
James Allan - The former Apostles (Mono prints - Set) Helen Whitford - Little Mohawk (Mono prints - Open)
Richard Wormald - Out of my way (Mono prints - open) James Allan - A Land that Time Forgot (Peoples Choice)
Editor’s Choice
Ashley Hoff - Whitewalls (Editor's Choice: Mono prints - Open)


21. Competition: Detail

The detail of an object – it need not be macro or close up but it must show a detail.


3. Competition: Edwardstown Interclub

The annual duel – this time it’s at their place so it’s Tuesday

19. Competition: Someone Else’s Art

This could be any form of artwork – a painting, a photograph, a sculpture or even graffiti! The image should aim to be interpretive rather than a mere reproduction. Add something new to the artists work!


16. Competition: Water with movement

Both water and motion must be in the image – it could be moving water, or something moving in water, or being moved by water.


27. Competition : Low Light
These images must be taken using only the light available at the scene. The fact that light was limiting must be obvious.


25. Competition: Natural Light Portrait

Use those skills you acquired at the Natural lighting workshop – portraits in natural light!


22. Annual Exhibition and Awards

A display of all entries and presentation of Awards!


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