2015 Print Competition – Top Images


Our top images (generally scored a 9 or 10) from the Set subject and Open sections from each competition are presented here. You can also see some of the top Digital images from each section – check out the Top Digitals page

There are also a few Editor’s Choice images – the benefits of being the web master! 😉

Peruse and enjoy the best images from our club competitions – judged by SAPF and non-SAPF judges (and some by the web master).

Please hover your mouse over the image to see the title and photographer – then click the image to see it full size.


29     Competition : Colour Blue

The colour blue must feature significantly in the image. It might not be the majority of the image area but must be a clear focal point


12      Competition: Music

Images portraying a musician or several creating music, listeners enjoying it, themes clearly indicating music


9       Competition: Faith

The dictionary includes the following under Faith – trust, reliance, honesty, a belief system and religion.  Your image must clearly demonstrate one of these.

Set Subject Images

Open Images


4     Competition: Minimalist Landscape

A picture conveying a sense of landscape with minimal visual cues to create that impression.  Depth and perspective often implied rather than self-evident.  Subjects are often small or incomplete.  Be clever with your compositions and dispense with traditional formulas.

Set Subject Images

Open Images


2       Interclub with Edwardstown

The annual duel – this time it’s at our place

16     Competition: 7 Deadly Sins

They are lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Your image needs to clearly demonstrate one or more of these. Do your worst!

All of the Top images were in Open category.




27    Competition : Nature in the City

We tend to think of cities as concrete jungles. However there is a wealth of plants, animals, fungi etc forming a natural world in the midst of man’s construction. Capture some of it. The city environment must be evident.

Set Subject

Also, not available, David Brown’s Microcosm and Silk Screen.




8     Competition: Shadows

Shadows are areas where the light falling on the scene has been obscured by some object. The dictionary also says – a faint representation, ghost, phantom, gloom and slight trace. One or more of the features above should be significant in your image.

Set Subject




19     Annual Exhibition and Awards

A display of all entries and the presentation of awards


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