Programme 2010

Our 2010 programme is presented below – and view the Top digital competition images (so far….)


14. Where’s ya bin?

28. Competition: Less than 200m from home
A photograph taken outdoors, but within 200m from your doorstep. Your location is your neighbourhood. Explore it with new eyes. Shooting the familiar requires imagination – find something unexpected. Take a different point of view. Try macro. Try a panorama. Look for wildlife. Take notice of unusual lighting,  a night shot etc.

11. Matte cutting
Eric will present a workshop on preparing prints for exhibition

25. Competition: Contemplation
A picture of a person or animal which shows the subject deep in thought.

11. The Three Amigos
The evening comprises 3 members presentation of their work

25. Competition: Colour
An image that is defined by a single colour. The colour may dominate the image or simply be a highlight. In a monochrome work the colour may be merely implied (eg a postbox). The colour should be crucial to the image. Successful entries will have strong impact.

2-5. Easter long weekend
A club field trip either for the holiday Monday or the weekend will be planned

8. Macro workshop
A workshop/demonstration by members on the taking of close up shots with minimal and dedicated equipment. Bring your gear.

22. Competition: Song Title
For once the title is everything. The image must clearly depict the song in the title.

6. An evening at Hutt Street Studios
Allen Logue has kindly agreed to show us how the professionals do it.

20. Competition: In the style of….
The author will present images in the style of a well known artist. Name the artist (eg Rembrandt, Picasso, Monet or whom ever)

3. Photoshop – Post Production
Workshop on the techniques for optimising your images once they are captured in the camera.

17. Competition: Mechanical
An image depicting a mechanical device or item of machinery or a section thereof.
All the better if the purpose of the mechanical device/machine is evident in the image.
Note: Images of a mechanic or machinist do not comply with the definition.

1. Workflow and archiving
A tutorial – management of your electronic files and their storage after manipulation.

6. Edwardstown interclub away

15. Competition: Nature
Entries in this competition must show no evidence of the hand of man.
Beautiful flowers, animals, landscapes, rock formations are fine. Fence posts, powerlines, bitumen roads etc must not appear!

29. Four of a kind
Members present up to 4 sets of 4 images. Each set of four must display a common theme or tell a clear story. Both prints and projected images are acceptable.
Hot soup and rolls on the night.

12. Competion: Self Portait
A portrait of the author. It can be from full length to extreme closeup but must be recognisable as the author.

Nomination forms for AGM available

26. Senior high school photography today.
A presentatation of work by year 11 and 12 students from a local highschool

Club fees due at end of this month

9. Annual General Meeting

23. Competition: Motion
The fact that something in the photograph is in motion is not enough. The feeling and fact of motion must be clear to the viewer.

Entry forms for the Annual Exhibition available.


Labour Day long weekend – Club outing – Fleurieu Peninsula – Sunday from 9am

7. Competition: Disposable Camera
Earlier in the year competitors bought themselves a disposable film camera. This competion comprises 6 images from the one roll of film contained in that camera.

Choose your best photos for a member judged night.
*** Please return entry forms for Annual Exhibition ***

21. Competition: Life on the Street.
This is not limited to those who spend their whole lives on the street. It could be vendors, street cafes, musicians etc.


4. Annual Exhibition: Judging
Three judges will evaluate the best the club has to offer. Come along and see fair play done. Images can have been entered in competitions throughout the year, or be entirely new. Open subject. Marked out of 15.

18. Annual Exhibition and award presentation
A display of ALL entries and the presentation of awards


4. End of year picnic
The last club event of the year. Always enjoyable. Venue will be advised.