16: 7-Mar-2016

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Ok – on to the reading. This week I thought you might like some practical tips to help the creativity along.
First up – there are some misconceptions about Lightroom and Photoshop. I see the two as complementary. Lightroom is a tool that let’s me do the simple things I want to my images non-destructively and in bulk whilst maintaining a database of the files. Photoshop on the other hand lets me do the detailed things like layers and unusual special effects that Lightroom can’t manage. There is an article in f-Stoppers that describes the difference rather well.
On the subject of image processing, f-stoppers also had a short piece on mistakes we make in our processing and image handling. See what you think.
There are also many great web tutes. Those of you subscribed to our Facebook page will see the many videos that Jen Williams shares
The big US camera retailers like Adorama Learning Centre  and B&H Photo Video have lots of tips. The three that stood out this week were:
  • Composition is important – and part of that is balance and symmetry. Photos that don’t seem quite right are often unbalanced in some way. This short article by Todd Vorenkamp may help you identify why and help you improve

The next two articles are more hardware related – but important to get that perfect image

  • Using the rear focus button on my dSLR. We all have encountered the problem of the AF point being incorrect and using the half press of the shutter to focus and re-frame. But have you thought of using the back focus button only (many cameras have one)? There was a time before autofocus that we did something similar. This short video by David Bergman may get you to re-evaluate that half press
  • One that we should all have a look at is sensor cleaning. We all get dust spots and they are hard to remove (not to mention expensive!). But you can have a go yourself at different levels. This guide by Doug McKinlay is very clear and will at least get you to identify the location of that dust bunny even if you don’t clean it yourself
So then lets start to adjust specific images. Landscapes are always interesting and we have a few masters in our club (I will not name names). Perhaps you need to think about the Zen of landscapes and then adjust that perfect image by learning how to dodge and burn landscapes .
If you want to get even creative how about something really abstract? Create alien landscapes! This article in Wired is inspirational , though perhaps beyond some of us.
For something lighter – and to give you a historic perspective on photography, here is a 5 minute history!

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