22: 13-Jun-2016

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Let’s start with a followup for my Black and White images discussion. I find B&W a very powerful tool that helps me focus on the subject and textures of my work. I also note that we don’t have many B&W entries – and that a lot of the colour images would benefit from B&W. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Perhaps you need more inspiration.
You might recall the 60 images from the Photo Argus I suggest you peruse in the 20th El Presidente’s musing. I was even more inspired by a site from the people at the Phoblographer dedicated to B&WLa Noir Image. Specifically, have a look at a B&W workflow for Lightroom. The link seems to be down at times though you can visit their Facebook page
Now, what about my other current interest – Street Photography? Here are some really good articles. The first is from a long time Street Photographer – Angus O’Callaghan and his inspiration as well as philosophy. Angus is 93 and still shooting.
The second is 23 tips for street Photography from Ken Tamm in fStoppers – what he calls Ninja tips. See if you can use any – I think I will!
And if you need to think about capturing the moment, be inspired by Jacques Henri Lartigue and some of his classic images. Lartigue was an amateur like you and I – but he came to prominence later in life (70!). The story of how he started his photography is fascinating in itself as described by Ted Forbes in the Art of Photography, but his images speak volumes about seeing and shooting for yourself (have you heard that before????). If you are going to London, you can see his works from 8-Jun in an exhibition.

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