25: 25-Jul-2016

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Ok – enough of that – how about some reading?
First, we all know that composition is the key to getting that wow factor, well here is a nice little article on improving composition in the Photo Argus.
Now in lieu of the artists point of view talk and a salient lesson on composition and exposure and perfect capture, how about this – waves that look like brush strokes. Check out the images – they are truly amazing!
While we are talking capturing, we should keep in mind that knowing the mechanics of image capture without understanding them often means images don’t quite work and need more recovery work in post processing. Our cameras have automatic features that help, but if you understand them, you’ll get better shots. I was reminded of this last week at a shoot I assisted Alberto with, when he reminded me to shoot using manual exposure (rather than Av as I often do( when using a spot light on a model (the image of the model is in my Flickr stream). The difference in the final shot was stunning.
And that was due to a misuse of the so called exposure triangle. That is perhaps too simplistic. The concept needs to be needs to be rethought of as a 3 dimensional space – and this article in PetaPixel explains why (warning – maths!) It’s a fresh look at the 3 factors we all know – ISO, shutter speed and aperture.25
Which brings me to the next article – photographing intuitively. It is not as esoteric as it sounds. We all know how to take a photo, but how many times have you taken a shot and it’s been uninspiring afterward? What of the ones you felt were perfect? What is the difference? This article in fStoppers tries to get you to learn from those best shots – understand why they work and use that new knowledge more often. See what you think.

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