28: 5-Sep-2016

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Ok – finally some reading – last for this club year! ( I hope you’ve enjoyed them and got some fresh ideas to improve your photography). This time its a gear discussion – and although I’m more interested in the creative process, there is no denying that equipment is needed.
I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting a full frame (ie 35mm format sensor) camera of late. I have some full frame lenses, and recently Pentax released a new camera (the K1 has same sensor as the Nikon D810 and the Sony A7r). Alberto has a full frame Nikon as do several other club members – all espousing the benefits.
The new Pentax K-1 is an amazing piece of kit (as is its big brother the Pentax 645Z medium format camera), but the question is does it offer me more than what I have now in APS-C? Will I be a better photographer? Is the expense justifiable?
These cameras have larger pixels, deal better with low light, have lower image noise, better dynamic range, allow more extreme crops of the image, but they weigh more, are larger, cost more and the lenses are often larger and more expensive.
I’ve read the reviews – but then I’ve also read some other articles such as this in PetaPixel that questions the benefits, and this one in DP review, this blog by Zack Arias that disects full frame, APS-C and medium format and an article examining the different cameras, sizes, lenses and sensor sizes. In the Pentax forums, posters have asked the same question. Or is it just an aspirational thing?
Lots of food for thought – and I’m digesting it slowly. I’ll let you know how it turns out soon!
I’d like to thank all of you for supporting the club during the year and helping it grow and develop. Remember, we are here to run your club on your behalf – so if you have any ideas or suggestion, please let any of the committee know.
And finally I’d like to thank Ashley Hoff for his patient, supportive, unfailing contribution to the club. Ashley will be retiring from the committee and as Vice President (and previously President), but I hope will continue as a valued member of the club.

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