5: 19-Oct-2015

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A few years ago we had an Abstract competition. Club members did produce some very good work, but the judge didn’t get it (again). However, Abstract is not a simple as it seems. So to help you develop a little, I came across these two (sequential) articles that will point you in the direction of better abstract photography:

And finally, for the macro photographers out there (and as an ex-microscopist I love this sort of work – its where I fell in love with photography), these images will make you drool with envy – http://www.nikonsmallworld.com/galleries/photo/2015-photomicrography-competition

These are taken with light microscopes – not your normal macro set up – and these high end microscopes using some very sophisticated techniques. Whatever the method, I found them fascinating as I’m sure you will too. Now if Santa would leave me a microscope in my stocking…….

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