6: 26-Oct-2015

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And now my weekly reads for your edification!
First up – let’s think about what tricks you can pick up to make better photos.
At the judging school earlier this year, Keith Seidel illustrated how cinematography produces some of the most engaging images we see. I’ve come across this recently in another PetaPixel article
– which led me to some more investigation including one on 30 angles you can use (not all apply to still photography) or using movies like Citizen Kane  and this rather interesting essay on applying what we see in movies to tell a story in a still image.
So now you’ve got high impact composition sorted, how about turning it into art? One of my online blog sites suggest that you need to have a point of view and take risks – but don’t expect success as you will often be misunderstood (don’t we know it!).
Finally, once you’ve got the method and found your art, remember that some of the best photos share an emotion (like the video I shared recently about John Free). This discussion with photographer Anders Petersen stressed the importance of being vulnerable to your subject – to experience your subject – to help you make photos that express the subjects emotion to you – the photographer. It’s a bit deep, but think about the most powerful photos you have seen and why they have the impact on you. Perhaps the photographer felt as well as captured the image!

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