9: 23-Nov-2015

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For those of you who are not on Facebook and signed up to the club page, Jen Williams has been posting lots of material on art in photography (all YouTube videos) – here are a selection:
As for my own readings, I’ve been thinking a lot about photographic style and came across this blog (Warning – use of obscene language – but the content itself is interesting) on How to find your unique voice in photography. It’s interesting to think about your own style and how it engages others.
I’ve alluded to this before, but good pictures engage you – make you feel something – inspire you to share that story. How often have you seen an image in a newspaper or a book or on line and showed it to your friends or family? Why? Think about how that picture engaged you – your reaction to it. What made you do that? The hard part is trying to get that type of engagement in your own work.
So here is some homework – go and look at the works of the great photographers (and artists) and see if they engage you and more importantly why they engage you (Ashley posted a link on the club Facebook page about the 100 most influential photographers). Why were they so influential? I feel if you understand that you’ll be on the way to developing a unique style of your own. As Chris Oaten said a few weeks ago – you won’t be like a wood pusher in a chess game.
Enough of the deep and meaningful – how about a little bit of humor? You’re all probably aware of the upcoming Star Wars movie (unless you’ve moved into bush retreat with no communication!). But how about thinking of how Darth Vader spends his days away from the Death Star. That’s just what one photographer has begun doing – in pictures! Have a look and see what Darth is up to as the year progresses (it’s a photo a day challenge)

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