3: 17-Oct-2016

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Now, a few things that have been catching my eye the last few weeks for your entertainment
There has been a small flurry of interesting abandoned & unusual places appearing on various web pages of late – must be the season or something! I find these images fascinating, both as a historical repository and as inspiration for my own photography. See what you think!
  • Railway tunnels and the left overs of World War II keep popping up. I’ve read assorted books about the tunnels under big cities like New York and London. Well how about something closer to home. The hidden tunnels of St James Station, Sydney – yep home grown!
  • Asylums! Scary places of the past – for both inmates and visitors. This series of images is fascinating. We actually have one a bit like this at St Kilda, but access is restricted
  • Time Magazine keeps on pointing us to some great photo essays too – this one is about images of abandoned theatres – but there are others to surf through (look at their Lightbox section)
  • How about a visit to Antarctica? We have had images from various club members over the years, but some of these are just so inspiring I just want to get down there! We’ve had a few great ones in cold climes lately on Flickr from member Anne Trebilcock (who seems to be travelling about a bit!)
Ok – one more thing – in the never ending quest to help us all improve as photographers, have a look at these two articles – this time let’s think about light:
  • It’s doesn’t matter what gear we have, light (and it’s quality) is what makes it happen. This article by Caleb Kerr talks about just that. Learn to use light and your gear will help you, it’s not just the gear.
  • So the next article is about using light with an exercise – Photographing a sphere – sounds easy doesn’t it? But if you can master this, you have learnt how to use light!

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