8: 30-Jan-2017

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On to the fortnightly reads
  • It’s a New Year, so how about breaking some old habits and starting some new ones? Here is one view point about what habits to break
  • Then the perennial problem of carrying too much gear – how about looking after your back? Cameras and lenses can be very heavy. My new camera is no lightweight as an example. So here are some tips to save your back (Or get yourself a lightweight mirrorless camera)
  • Ever been out on a shoot, got home, loaded those images and thought Meh? What did I do? Maybe you just need to do some post processing and give them some love. This article in fStopppers and this second article that inspired it might give you some ideas
  • Our cameras are getting better and better at low light. My new K-1 can be pushed to ISO 204800 and the latest Pentax KP APS-C camera can get to ISO 819200! That is scary. Of course the images can get very noisy (I stay below ISO 16000), but the advantage might be how you use it as this photographer describes his use of that high ISO. Have a read and see how you can exploit that hardware
And finally, how about some inspiration in my travelogue ideas – this time lost places in the California desert. Feast your eyes on those colours!

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