December 31-day challenge

This is a challenge!  I got the idea from Flikr some time ago from a Flikr group called 365 Days. Members of the group pledged to take a self portrait every day for 365 days. You can view the results by searching under the tag “365 days”

Blackwood Photographic Club has a quiet month in December – no meetings, and no competitions – so here is the idea:

Take a photo every day for 31 days and post it on the club site with the tag “31 days”.

The photo need not be a self portrait. I expect that the pictures will create a journal of life over the month of December. There are no topics and no themes.

With this in mind, a few of us have already agreed to participate in something similar, so if your interested, we will run a 31 day challenge through the club Flikr group. You don’t have to post the photo on the same day – but please put in one photo for each day. I proposed the idea to Chris Schultz and he agreed (along with me) to take up the challenge. Ashley has also agreed.

So keep an eye on this web site and our Flickr pages to check out the results.  Why not take up the challenge for yourself and join in?

Refer to the last edition of Camera Clips for details on how to set up a Flikr account and how to post images on the club site.

James Allan (edited by Chris Schultz from an email for inclusion here)

Addendum – If your after last minute inspiration for the challenge, have a look at

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