The 2011 programme is out….

The 2011 programme is now on line – for those that missed the booklet at the Annual Exhibition & Awards night. Looks like a good year ahead with lots if interesting competitions and content!

There have been some competition rule changes in case you missed them – given the large number of entries each competition:

  • only 3 images per section
  • Slides & Digital have merged into Projected Images – so only 3 entries in total for that one

Please read the Competition Entry Rules for more details.

I’ll be posting the Annual Exhibition and Awards results later this week along with the winning digital entries. Congratulations to all the winners!

If any winners in the print section would like their images displayed here, feel free to email the images to the account (in the standard 72dpi 1024×768 format) for inclusion. I will watermark them for you if you don’t.

In case you missed it, the next 10 club events are displayed in the RSS feed in the right column of the page – in case you don’t want to view the whole programme. Hover your mouse over the event to get a description, or subscribe to the feed. We’ll put club outings in there too when they occur.

Don’t forget the Annual Picnic – contact Julie Goulter for details if you missed the handout…..see you there!

And finally, remember the December 31-day challenge – get those shutters clicking on a daily basis.

Chris πŸ˜‰

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