Nature Competition – 28-Apr-2011

Garden Orb WeaverFirstly my apologies for the late posting of the competition writeup… seems to have got in the way of blogging…….

An interesting evening of Nature photography again showed our clubs strength in this area with many fine images – in fact the set subject entries far exceeded the open entries in every category with over 112 entries in all for the evening and of those more than 2/3 being nature!

Our judge Geoff Smith carefully spent time examining each image and commenting in detail. Unfortunately for Geoff the large number of entries made his task difficult and I dare say tiring, but he did well to comment constructively on each image. Many of the prints entered scored 10, but I can’t show many you those (although I have included one of my own here since its at hand :lol:) – but I have included the top digital entries in set and open. Apologies also for not including any Editor’s Choice images – there were so many good images I’d have to post almost all the entries!

So enjoy the images and please post a comment.

Chris 😉

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