Queen’s Birthday long weekend in the city – 13-Jun-2011

A cold, cloudy long weekend bordering on dreary – but some intrepid BPC members went into the city on Monday afternoon and tried to capture some images as the afternoon turned to dusk around the Central Market area.

Ashley, Shelley, James, Mark,  Richard, Yvonne & I wandered down Grote Street from Victoria Square in search of inspiration.  Its interesting to note how much goes on around this area, even on a public holiday. Chinatown is quite busy,  families arrive for dinner, people walking around, and the endless traffic.

James sadly had another camera incident – a flat battery and no spare. Being the trooper he is, he rushed home and came back. Fortunately, we hadn’t gone that far, and at dusk he rejoined us. We continued around the block toward Gouger Street, fascinated by the doors and artefacts in the windows.

As dusk fell, new opportunities arose with the lights of the city appearing around us. There were so many opportunities on the street as darkness fell, that we really must have a night shoot.

Afterwards, as we wandered back to our cars – James wandered off to the fountain and the St Francis Xavier Cathedral.  Shelley commented to me as she left how she’d enjoyed herself in chatting with everyone, learning a few new tricks and the opportunity to try new things. I’m sure we’ll all be back for another session down here.

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I’ve put the images sent into the  slide show above – and a Flickr! link to one of Yvonne’s images (can’t import them here due to licence issues)

Chris 😉

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