Smaller than a breadbox competition – 23-Jun-2011

Busted! - Jo TabeInteresting title – and some interesting close-up and macro images tested our judge as a result. There were 42 prints and 34 digital images to judge – some simple, and some cleverly creative. Once again, Jo Tabe scored a bunch of 10s – with some potentially scoring an 11 (our judges words!) – particularly that print of the mouse in the bread box you can see here! πŸ˜† Never-the-less a few of member such as Helen Whitford are keeping close. Overall, there were quite a few high scores in the prints from many club members.Β We are certainly good at close up work!

Our judge Peter Mastrenko gave detailed and constructive comments and reminded us that light was our best friend – or not!

Please check out the Digital Entries page for our projected images 9s and 10s in both the Set and Open categories – along with a few editor’s choice of course!

Chris πŸ˜‰


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