The 31 Day Challenge is back……

Yep – the 31 Day Challenge is running again.

After last years successful run, and with Blackwood Photographic Club having a quiet December the idea is to Take a photo every day for 31 days and post it on the club Flickr site with the tag “31 days”.

Topics can be as varied as you like. Last year I tried windows – and it was hard. James is having a go at landscapes, but then you don’t need a topic – just an image a day! As James said last year “I expect that the pictures will create a journal of life over the month of December. There are no topics and no themes.

So if your interested, we will run the 31 day challenge through the club Flikr group.
Just a note : You don’t have to post the photo on the same day – but please put in one photo for each day.

If you’d like to see what we did last year, just search for “31 Days” in the tags and see what pops up.

For those without a Flickr account, refer to the October 2010 edition of Camera Clips for details on how to set one up and how to post images on the club group.

And one more thing – Yvonne & I set up another challenge – the BPC Photo Chain. We start with one image, then everyone post up to 2 images per month that are related to the original, but varied from it. We vote over the month and the top image set the theme for the next month. Its a private group, but all BPC Flickr group members will be invited (most have been). If your interest and have received an invitation, sign up and see how you go.

So start snapping and get some images together.

Chris 😉

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