2011 Annual Exhibition & Awards Night (& a little bit of news)

As Ashley mentioned in the last post the Blackwood Photographic Club Annual Exhibition has been run and won.

We had a great selection of entries in all categories, and once again, members entries were of the highest standard. Its a pleasure to view the work that is submitted each year from such a talented group of people. Many thanks to our judges for their great effort, and of course thanks to our scorers, collaters and Mark Pedlar for putting together the award booklet.

Without any further ado, here are the winners and the awards.

Firstly, the Bill Templar Award for 2011 has been awarded to Julie Goulter. Julie’s contribition to the club over many years has been far beyond the call of duty, always with a smile, and this award salutes her enormous contribution to the club. Congratulations Julie!

The slideshow below documents the awards ceremony (thanks to Ray Goulter for taking the photos). Oh – and the guy in the blue shirt that seems to be in every image is just me…. 😆

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Over the year, we see many outstanding images – and those with the highest scores in each category are rewarded with the following awards.

Aggregate points awards

Album prints – JV Spick Chemist Award

1st Jo Tabe 220 points
2nd James Allan 211 points
3rd Heather Connolly 197 points

Colour prints – Blackwood Photographic Club award

1st John Vidgeon 242 points
2nd Jo Tabe 231 points
3rd James Allan 227 points

Mono prints – Blackwood Times Award

1st Jo Tabe 235 points
2nd James Allan 209 points
3rd Theo Prucha 191 points

Projected images

1st John Vidgeon 241 points
2nd James Allan 225 points
3rd Ursula Prucha 223 points

After our Annual Exhibition night, our best images were:

Annual Exhibition Top images

Album prints – Edge Malpas Award

1st Helen Whitford Wisteria
2nd Heather Connoly Banged up
3rd Helen Whitford Antenna up

Colour prints – Mal Klopp Blackwood Pharmacy Award

1st Jo Tabe Night Quarters
2nd John Vidgeon Blown away
3rd Jo Tabe Searching for water

Mono prints – I’ve been Framed Award

1st Helen Whitford White Cheeked Gibbon
2nd Helen Whitford Wild Dogs
3rd Mark Pedlar Louvre observed

Projected images – Fotoswift Award

1st John Vidgeon Young Owl
2nd Chris Schultz Iceland poppy detail
3rd Jo Tabe Busted

Latest news

  • The awards night also had a bonus. The Mayor of the City of Mitcham, Michael Picton, attended our awards night and saw the many images we produce. We also were informed that we were successful in our Community Development Grant application with the City of Mitcham for the purchase of a Spyder3 Pro calibration device to correctly calibrate our digital projector and laptop. On 5-Dec-2011 Ashley & I attended a Civic Reception in the Mayor’s Parlour at the Mitcham Council Chambers to receive the award. We sincerely thank the City of Mitcham for their support and will utilise this device to improve the presentations both within the club and with visiting speakers and within the community. This has already started, as on the night of the reception a number of groups also receiving awards approached us about photographic opportunities and education within the community. We’ll keep you informed.
  • Our 31 day Challenge is running running – and there are lots of great images popping up – keep putting them in and watching!
  • We also have an exhibition of 29 images from a number of club members at the Stirling Library, Mount Barker Rd, Stirling. If you’d like to pop in and see what we look like framed 😆 the exhibition runs until mid-January. I’ll pop an image of the display in here when I get a chance

Finally, I’d like to wish all club members and regular readers of our little missives a Very Happy & Joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
See you next year (unless we meet up for a shoot!)


Chris 😉

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